Some things to brighten your day or teach you something new!

Hello, all! Happy Easter to those who celebrate it- I hope your holiday is filled to the brim with joy and good memories. Today I wanted to share some of the cool things on the Interwebs I’ve found recently. I hope you enjoy this list- I even included a few of my favorite things this Spring.








✿ Pretty much any Dog Whisperer or My Cat From Hell episode, ever.



✿ Light or Pastel colors.


✿ Raising some gorgeous indoor plants.

That’s it babes- I hope you enjoyed the links and learned something interesting.

Much love from my house to yours,

Violet XO

Best Of 2014: Full of Positivity, Body Love, & Inspiration! (PART TWO, ONLINE POSTS/PAGES)

Happy New Year, darlings! I’m wishing all of you joyous moments and loving memories for this new year. Today I’m continuing the Best of 2014 series and the final post for this shall be up sometime tomorrow. For more information regarding the series, check out my previous post. I’m sharing many links so I’ll make the intro short and get right into it! (;


☯ Gala Darling ( )

☯ More Gala ( )

☯ Bubz ( )

☯ Miss Varlow ( )

☯ What do you want? ( )

☯ Thrive ( )

☯ Stop Judging Your Body ( )

☯ Kindness ( )

☯ Gabby Bernstein ( )

☯ Michelle Phan ( )

☯ More Mish ( )

☯ A goldmine of Louise Hay affirmations! ( )

☯ Justine Musk ( )

☯ Musk Again ( )

☯ Make Your Own Desire Map ( )

☯ Loving Light ( )

☯ Happy & Healthy ( )

☯ RSL! ( )

☯ More RSL ( )

☯ Be a Love Letter ( )

What were your favorite posts/website pages of 2014? Did you like any of the links I’ve provided? Let me know in the comments!

Best Of 2014: Full of Positivity, Body Love, & Inspiration! (PART ONE, VIDEOS)

Hello, gorgeous! Can you believe 2014 is coming to an end? Once again, it’s time to process what has happened these past 12 months and gain closure so we can turn a new leaf. As a part of that process, I want to share my favorite bits and pieces of positivity, body love, inspiration, etc. that I found in 2014. Note: These were not necessarily created in 2014, though some might have been; these are just things I discovered this year. Here goes!

☮ Videos ☮

Loey Lane on Body Confidence ( )

Cherry Wallis ( )

Sprinkle Of Glitter ( )

Body Confidence ( )

Helen & Scarlet ( )

Getting Naked ( )

No for Body Shaming! ( )

Motivation & Happiness ( )

Loving Small Boobs ( )

Happy Secrets ( )

Dealing With Negativity ( )

Confidence ( )

Bethany Mota ( )

Making Magic ( )

Radical Self Love ( )

Lizzie Velasquez ( )

Lizzie again ( )

I wanted to list even more but I didn’t want to overwhelm you guys. (: What are your favorite positive/love-filled videos from this year? Add yours to the list in the comments section!

Wishing you all a cozy day in and happy moments. XXOO

I love winter, but I want my Vitamin D!

Hi, lovelies.

It’s been one of those days.. It seems that in winter (without much sun or my favorite weather, rain) I always find myself in a deep slump. I’m either totally bored, grumpy, or not feeling satisfied with my productivity level. It’s during this season that I need to remind myself to slow down and pay attention to my well-being. If you feel the same as myself and many others,- and even if you don’t, it’s still important- take some time today to figure out the ways you can take care of yourself wholly. After all, it’s hard to help out and be kind to others when you’re not feeling well!

How do you practice self-care during these harsher months?

As for myself, I tend to:

❀ Get out of my own head, be it through reading books, watching documentaries, or creating something that requires my focus and attention.

❀ Take multivitamins once a day. I am by no means a doctor (and you should always ask yours first before taking any sort of supplement, but my psychiatrist recommends I take them because we don’t always get enough sunlight/nutrients. I suggest bringing it up with your physician; especially if you take certain types of anti-depressants or anti-anxiety meds like I do.

❀ Try my best to quell feelings of boredom. This means that whenever I’m feeling particularly lethargic and bored, I force myself to get up and do something. When I feel the laziness and dissatisfaction arising, I shall try out a new makeup look (the crazier the better!), make something for someone, bake a sweet treat, look for new music, try out a new meditation or exercise, annoy my merm with random questions, art to my RSL (Radical Self Love) Bible, etc. The possibilities to fill up your boring time are pretty much endless.

❀ Carve out a block of time to work out and pump up those endorphins, and also to meditate. My personal favorite meditations can all be found on Youtube and include Gabrielle Bernstein, The Five Minute Miracle, and Positive Change by The Mind Guide.

❀ Go outside! It’s always incredible to me how much we need nature to be healthy and feel whole. It’s so easy to become hermits and blanket burritos this time of year, but I promise some time outside will do you good. Just remember to dress warmly! Bonus points if you walk your furry friend(s).

❀ Get the chores I hate out of the way. Yeah, I’m looking at you, pile of dirty laundry and un-swept bedroom floor. It’s hard to not feel productive when you’ve already tackled the big things.

Let me know if these tips help you out, or if you have any to add to my list! 🙂

Much love and warm wishes, from me to you. Stay cozy!

Nuuuu, not Mercury Retrograde!

Good morning and happy Friday, beautifuls! How was your week? Have you been participating in #Lovetober? I have- it’s actually been very nice and relatively simple. It’s a little something I get to look forward to each day. 🙂 Let me know if you guys want me to share mine.

So Gala Darling (Glitter Goddess) has reminded us all that- once again 😦 – Mercury is in fucking retrograde. I actually found the best thing on the Interwebs recently:



Now, for those of you who don’t know, Mercury Retrograde is a time when the planet Mercury appears to be orbiting backwards; rising in the west and setting in the east. According to my Astronomy class, it looks like that because Mercury has a longer orbital path than Earth- meaning the circle it makes around the sun is larger than that of Earth. Because of this, the Earth sometimes “catches up” to Mercury and passes it, making Mercury seem as though it is moving backwards in the sky. In more spiritual terms, Mercury Retrograde is a time when the attributions of Mercury (travel, transportation, messages, communication, etc.) are in their messed up, weakest forms. Gala Darling describes it here:

“It’s like everyone you know has suddenly gone mad! You might find yourself getting into bizarre arguments about nothing at all, being unable to finish sentences or barely even able to form a coherent thought. Your computer and other electronic equipment is more likely to go on the fritz. You could experience travel delays, too. Double-check your flights and take a book with you to keep you occupied while you wait for the train! We don’t tend to get all the information we need at this time, so it can be hard to make big decisions and it’s not always the best time to sign a contract, either. Expect to hear super-loud complaining from your friends who are Gemini or Virgo, since both are ruled by Mercury! Mercury also rules a lot of industries like publishing, writing, editing, advertising, sales, public relations and anything to do with transport, like airlines, the post office and cabs!”

Cue the universal ughhhhhhhghghghghgh.

Not the best time of the year for those of us who depend on creativity, communication, and getting shit done. So what the hell can one do to make the best of this frustrating event?

Should we panic??! Let's panic!!

Should we panic??! Let’s panic!!

Luckily, there are several guides on how to survive Mercury Retrograde and even make it into a beautiful situation. I’ve listed several links to guides I’ve found most helpful. Even though it technically doesn’t even start until tomorrow, it’s best to have our shit together as best as we can and prepare!


Happy October babes! Or should I say #Lovetober? The ever gorgeous and always clever Gala Darling has once again created a challenge for all us Radical-Self-Love junkies. I slacked pretty badly with her first Instagram challenge back in July, but I am so damn determined to see this one through! I promise on sparkly cupcakes that I shall go HAM on this one.

Are you as excited as I am?!

If you’re like me and don’t have an Instagram, you can paste the pictures and captions in a diary, art journal, or wherever you’d like. For me, I shall be using my current art journal. I’ll try to keep y’all lovelies updated. Feel free to post any pictures or feedback about this dazzling challenge- I want to see you guys practicing self-love!



List of awesome, positive, and inspirational people to check out!

Hello, you gorgeous soul. Happy hump day! Wishing all of you a productive and relaxing work week. Today I decided I should spread the love and share with you a list of some of the most motivational and downright adorable people I am so far aware of. The list is in no order of importance- every single one is a total badass chick!

1. Bubzbeauty or Lindy Tsang (Super sweet beauty guru who is pregnant. Is Christian, insanely cheerful/positive, and is incredibly talented with makeup, comedy, etc.)

2. Grav3yardgirl or Bunny Meyer (Totally adorable quirky gal who is very kind and has an amazing sense of style. Enjoys spooky things and is very positive.)

3. Kandee Johnson (Beautiful makeup-expert who is Christian, single mom, and craaazy cheerful/positive. Definitely very heartwarming!)

4. Albinwonderland or Angelina L.B (Gorgeous Youtuber with stunning pink hair and a great grasp on Feminism and equality. I always feel uplifted after watching her videos.)

5. Gala Darling (Stunning Kiwi blogger who is lovely in so many ways. She is spiritual, very open-minded, and sooo positive and vibrant. She’s the one who holds RSL and Blogcademy workshops around the globe.)

6. Macbarbie07 or Bethany Mota (Kind and mucho inspiration girl who is younger than me and already accomplishing her dreams! She’s funny, motivating, and very positive.)

Who inspires you?

One Hundred Things.

Happy Monday, everybody! It’s been a gorgeous couple days now. The grass is wet from rain, the sun is shining upon the face of the world, and this summer breeze is divine. Seems like a recipe for a peaceful day, eh?

To help add to this bright and lovely day, let’s get some gratitude up in this bitch. ;D This is as much an exercise for me as it is for you- I DARE you to whip out your Radical Self Love Bible/Art Journal/Diary and write down one-freaking-hundred things you are thankful for. Said things can be: people, memories, places, objects, creatures, feelings, etc. Hell, write it down using your favorite color pen! Doodle the heck out of these pages, man!

(TL;DR: Go H.A.M on this, por favor.)

Just for convenience’s sake- and the fact that I’m in the mood to type up a storm- I shall put my list right here. Maybe it will spark some ideas in you, who knows? What are the top five things you are grateful for today?

1. My laptop 2. My Mermie 3. My family 4. Fat cats 5. Chubby puppies 6. My friends 7. The rest of my loved ones 8. Silly straws 9. The Interwebs! 10. Green tea ice cream 11. My home 12. My crystal necklaces 13. This number (It’s my lucky one c: ) 14. Netflix 15. My phone 16. My bb Loaches 17. Summer days like this 18. Summer in general 19. Finding a journal that feels oh-so-right and that you can’t wait to write in 20. The fact that MICHAELS CRAFT STORE SELLS FUCKING GRUMPY CAT PLUSHIES eeeeeep 21. New videos from my favorite Youtubers 22. Trying new foods/adventures 23. The satisfaction one receives when cleaning their ears with Q-tips 24. Comfy/soft headbands 25. Having the house stocked with enough (and healthy, woo!) food 26. Crafting with my mom 27. The last weekend I hung out with my niece. She’s damn precious 28. Distancing myself from negative people and situations 29. Finding a new face wash that seems to be very promising 30. A warm cup of tea in the morning 31. Kittens that cuddle 32. Giant bath tubs that can fit more than one person and are more of a Jacuzzi than anything 33. Smiling! 34. Finding new body-positive pins on Pinterest 35. Fresh Peaches from the Farmer’s Market 36. French Macaroons that melt in your mouth 37. Waking up to C’s dog attacking me with love and smooches 38. Cuddles 39. Spending time with my Merm 40. Kettle corn 41. Catchy and positive songs 42. Having great concerts to look forward to 43. My purple/pink Cone-flowers being soooo in bloom 44. Knowing I’m almost halfway done with this list 😉 45. Actually-funny vines 46. Warm showers 47. Being brave enough to squash that monstrous bug in C’s bathroom that was trying to kill us 48. Fuzzy socks 49. Finding a new food that tastes yummy- bonus points if it’s healthy too 50. My new Happiness Jar (Will D.I.Y it up in next post) 51. When your hair feels hella soft right after you deep condition it 52. Purple hair 53. Candles 54. Tiny LED flashlights 55. Not having to wake up to an alarm 56. Knowing I don’t start school until super late August 😀 57. Online games 58. Accomplishing the stressful tasks on my daily To Do List 59. Kind strangers 60. Homemade Lemon Bars 61. Moments of utter silliness 62. Feeling in the mood to write again 63. A large, chilled glass of water 64. Feeling more relieved after days of relatively high Anxiety 65. Working on bad habits 66. Ridiculously comfortable and soft sleepy-time clothes 67. Petting furry animals 68. Seeing C’s mysterious third cat, Bubbles 69. Creepy kids’ movies/T.V shows 70. Peeing when you’ve been waiting forever to use the bathroom 71. Sleepovers that go well 72. Facing my fears 73. All that I have accomplished in my life so far 74. Glitter 75. Pretty nail polish 76. Super cozy beds 77. Disney movies 78. The extremely soft and wonderful couches in my basement 79. When I keep my room clean 80. Having the house to myself 81. Receiving genuine compliments 82. Modern medicine 83. My health insurance plan 84. My good health 85. My body 86. My soul and spirit 87. My determination to push through hard times 88.Positive thinking/thoughts 89. Decorating my room 90. Visiting the beach for the first time in years 91. A fully charged battery 92. A working freezer and refrigerator 93. Dancing 94. Seeing my loved ones being happy 95. That I’m alive 96. Having safe access to water and electricity 97. Snuggling a freshly dried blanket or comforter on a chilly day 98. Times of relaxations and rest 99. New episodes of Adventure Time 100. Happy dreams. ❤

Fourth round of Dares & Tears Tuesday & Post-Pride feelings

Hey, chums! How has the beginning of your week been? Has anything exciting, different, or simply pleasant happened to you? I’m truly hoping all of you internet dudes and dudettes are healthy, happy, and safe this awesome summer day. As Pride month came to a close yesterday, I was attempting to recover from the Chicago Pride Parade. It’s safe to say that Sunday SERIOUSLY tested my patience and emotional strength; it was a horrible, tear-filled day. To be honest I’m not in tip top shape yet so I don’t feel well enough to explain the entirety of that sucky situation, but I still want to share my life with you lovely strangers so I composed a sort of Pro versus Con list. Here are the basics of the day that officially makes me shudder:

Shitty things that occurred: I accidentally put nearly all my money on a train pass that only required $5. No one had planned much ahead so we were all sort of guessing where to get off from the train. The group eventually separated into two smaller groups because of a disagreement over directions. I led my J and his good friend to the very oh-so-wrong path; same street, TWO HOURS OF WALKING IN DIFFERENCE THOUGH. I THOUGHT IT WOULD NEVER END. So yeah, two hours of walking in Boystown in crazy heat. On this horrible trek I managed to slam/stub my toe onto a rock of fucking concrete and my toenail almost came all the way off- J patted me on the back and helped me get my bandaids on while I cried, fumbling around with Neosporin and desparately pushing the nail back onto the bloody pulp my toe had become, while his friend sort of watched with horror. Because of the two hour walk we. missed. the. fucking. parade. All of it. I was exhausted, starving, and dehydrated. I had four dollars to my name, because I had deemed it too risky to bring my cards so I only had cash. I was PMSing like a mofo so on top of feeling terrible I also felt incredibly jealous as an attractive, drunk-ass chick friend of J’s was touchy-feely with him when she finally met us and basically dragged him everywhere. I wanted to slice open her neck. Really, really bad day.

However, at least there were a few gems in there.

Good/Positive experiences of the day: I came super prepared minus the money part (chapstick, gum, my phone, Neosporin, bandaids, pretzels as a snack, water bottle, sunglasses, etc.). I looked- dare i say it?- incredible! When I learn how to Internet and upload pictures, I shall post some. I did my makeup Steam Punk-style, with actual metal gears and all. I looked like a total babe and I received a few compliments that made me smile. I didn’t get sunburnt because I used sunscreen, woo. two words- shirtless hotties. And also, super attractive girls. Seeing a friend for .573 seconds. My nails that look like pretty cakes with vanilla frosting and sprinkles. I tried Gellato for the first time (ahmasiiiing). No one pinched my butt. I wasn’t one of the many people who passed out. The train ride back was comfortable. J looked after me and tried to help cheer me up. I had pizza and chocolate later that day. Yaaasss.

Now, for the fourth D & T Tuesday! Grab your party hat and give yourself a high-five for being incredible and getting through that challenge! ♥ Here is a recap of how I approached the dare~

What I did: Went back to the library to check up on my application (which terrified me), surviving all of the horror for me which was Chicago pride (trusting my gut but still being wrong and leading two people astray by accident), and in general wearing a slightly-revealing outfit in Chicago, even though my body image isn’t super fabulous yet.

How it felt doing it: In general, scary, anxiety-ridden, and fearful. It sucked, but I’m proud of myself for accomplishing what I did and learning a couple lessons as a result.

Am I inspired to do something similar? I can’t give this one an honest yes. I don’t really know how to feel about it yet (fear is a huge obstacle for me) and I think I’m still processing it and weighing the possible consequences.

Pamper yourself a little today for facing a fear of yours, no matter how small. You did good, buddy 🙂

Now, this week’s challenge is particularly interesting to me. I triple-dog-dare ya’ll to Participate in Gala Darling’s July Instagram challenge for an entire week. Yep. You don’t need an Instragam for this- I personally don’t have an account- and can do this as privately as you’d like! Here’s a link to her blog post about it:

Basically, I dare you guys to take a picture corresponding to the appropriate day’s theme and keep them somewhere; perhaps a photo album, your RSL bible, or a scrapbook? The possibilities are endless! I strongly encourage you guys to do the entire month, but at the very least I dare you to do her prompts starting today and ending on next Tuesday. I, of course, will be doing them right along with you!

Are you as thrilled/intrigued about this challenge as I am? How did facing your fears go last week?

♥ ♥ With much love, silliness, and comfort being sent your way. ♥ ♥

Things I’d like to share with you lovelies.

Happy Thursday, everyone! Are you guys excited for the weekend? Do you have anything planned? I’m going to attempt to return to C’s Friday bonfires- since the offending-incident I’ve been reluctant to return. Plus, driving around that area is super confusing because of the weird roads and I recently learned that the exact road I take to get home (of course it had to be just that one) is gang territory and they’ve been trying to intimidate some of my friends who live around there. Apparently they’ll follow people driving during the evening onto random roads and flash their brights at them. Just another reason for my lazy self to not do the driving, haha.

Besides that, I have no exact plans for the weekend. I’m trying to save some space for the unknown. You know, adventure! Let’s hope that we all actually find interesting adventures for ourselves. I’m praying that mine comes in the form of some sort of mermaid-princess-warrior-story, but I obviously have high hopes.

Today I just wanted to share a few of my current favorite things with you guys. They make me happy, entertain me, and keep life bearable. (;

♥ Ice cold lemonade, water, & other similar beverages ♥ Megan Nicole’s cover of “Fancy” by Iggy Azalea (much fresher and brighter than the original, in my opinion) ♥ Yummy salad with kale, bb spinach (awww), carrots, tomatoes, fresh peas, and Thousand Island ♥ Spending some time at the pool ♥ Pewdiepie videos (specifically his recent series on the game Corpse Party) ♥ Antique/Thrift stores & finding creepy old things or interesting paraphernalia ♥ Maleficent!!! I saw it a few days ago with C & her little sister. We’re huge Disney fans and basically squealed the whole time. It is actually one of the best Disney movies I’ve ever seen. I highly recommend it for fellow positive people 😉 ♥ cute bb animal videos on Youtube ♥ foodie-smelling/sweet/gourmet scents and lotions ♥ having a quiet house for a day ♥ sketching in a brand new notebook my darling Mermie gave me; I’m not that rad of a drawer but I like doing it! ♥ Writing a list of the things I want to do with J this summer ♥ Festivals (Riot Fest, Apple Fest, Peace Fest, etc.!) ♥This: ♥Aaand this: ♥Okay, this too: ♥Poptropica (yes it is a children’s game but I am a child damnit)

What has been cheering you up lately?