List of awesome, positive, and inspirational people to check out!

Hello, you gorgeous soul. Happy hump day! Wishing all of you a productive and relaxing work week. Today I decided I should spread the love and share with you a list of some of the most motivational and downright adorable people I am so far aware of. The list is in no order of importance- every single one is a total badass chick!

1. Bubzbeauty or Lindy Tsang (Super sweet beauty guru who is pregnant. Is Christian, insanely cheerful/positive, and is incredibly talented with makeup, comedy, etc.)

2. Grav3yardgirl or Bunny Meyer (Totally adorable quirky gal who is very kind and has an amazing sense of style. Enjoys spooky things and is very positive.)

3. Kandee Johnson (Beautiful makeup-expert who is Christian, single mom, and craaazy cheerful/positive. Definitely very heartwarming!)

4. Albinwonderland or Angelina L.B (Gorgeous Youtuber with stunning pink hair and a great grasp on Feminism and equality. I always feel uplifted after watching her videos.)

5. Gala Darling (Stunning Kiwi blogger who is lovely in so many ways. She is spiritual, very open-minded, and sooo positive and vibrant. She’s the one who holds RSL and Blogcademy workshops around the globe.)

6. Macbarbie07 or Bethany Mota (Kind and mucho inspiration girl who is younger than me and already accomplishing her dreams! She’s funny, motivating, and very positive.)

Who inspires you?

Staying positive when the inner-cynic wants to take over.

Good morning, babes! How has your week started off? Have you begun any new projects? Found something you enjoy doing? I hope your Tuesday was as stellar as you are (which is, dare I say, pretty freaking stellar). Today I wanted to share with you some of my tips and tricks that help me stay positive in stressful, less-than-pleasant situations.

Everyone has a critical, cynical person inside of themselves. It’s impossible to deny or ignore; it spits out words of doubt into our minds and tries its best to coax us into a more safe- but more miserable- life. It unleashes a siren call for us to stay in our little box, to stay within the lines, and remain untouchable in our comfort zone. It pretends it has only our best interest and well-being at heart but in reality it is determined to keep us under tight control so we don’t do anything exceptional or extraordinary. As someone who’s been actively trying (very much so, might I add) to keep an optimistic, positive perspective on living, I find myself usually being able to shush that grumpy creature and shut her up with good memories and happy moments. When stress rises to insane heights and the situation is not looking so good, however, my inner-critic breaks free and tries to take me down with her. Unfortunately, I am in one of those situations. I came across a job that would fit in my life perfectly- it pays exceptionally well, is nearby, would work gorgeously with my school schedule, etc. I have done all I can in order to obtain this position. Now is the time where I must wait until I can hear back about the status of my application; and it feels like an eternity. I have no idea if I’ll get it. It’s an understatement to say that I’m stressed.

So how is one supposed to remain positive when their surroundings are so damn negative? It’s definitely not easy (and probably more challenging if positivity is a new thing to you) but it is worth the struggle. Here is a short, simplified list of a few things I do to try my best at being positive even in negative circumstances:

1. Get some of that extra stress out. A little stress can be good for you. It can fuel passion, empower, and bring you closer to your desired destination. But you don’t need all the stress that you’re carrying right now. Do whatever works for you in order to release some of that stress so it doesn’t overpower you and your determination. For me, this usually means spending time actively with loved ones, creating and crafting, exercising, singing, reading, baking, cooking, and/or watching stupid-but-funny animal videos on Youtube.

2. Keep your eye on the prize. Use your remaining stress for fighting the good fight. Focus on the goal and visualize what your most desired outcome of the situation. This can include visualization during meditation, but for those (such as myself) that aren’t always good with advanced mental focusing, making a “Treasure Map” works best. This idea comes from a motivational speaker/positivity-enthusiast whom I regret forgetting the name of. I just know from reading one of his books last month that he’s probably a genius. If anyone knows who I’m talking about it would be awesome and lovely if you can post his name in the comments! I wish I remembered so I could properly credit him and recommend him to other people who haven’t accomplished their goals yet. Anyhoo, his idea of a “Treasure Map” would be taking out a big, blank piece of paper and breaking out the rest of your art supplies. Then draw symbols of the things you would have in an ideal life (enough money, love, family, good friends, travels, higher education, etc). To better remind myself, I also wrote down what each symbol represented next to each image. Lastly, hang that shit up! Put it where you can see it every damn day. This is a lovely technique that can be very inspiring. It helps keep you focused on what you truly want and if you’re constantly viewing it, your mind will be better able to recognize when opportunities to achieve these goals come knocking on your door. Since right now I’m worried about achieving my perfect job I made a new one that caters only to that (dollar bills, a happy face, organized bookshelves, a heart to stand for passion for my job, etc.) and I keep it on my desk facing my bed.

3. Listen to your body. It’s hard to have a healthy, positive mindset if our body is feeling bad! Make sure to pay extra attention to the vessel that holds your soul during this stressful time. Make sure you’re eating yummy foods that are good for you, eating enough of them, and staying hydrated. Be nice to your body. Draw a relaxing bath or do yoga or get a pedicure. Keep your health in mind and listen to what your body is saying; that way you can direct most of your energy towards positive and mindful thinking.

What are some of your tips and tricks to staying positive in stressful situations?

D.I.Y Happiness Jar

Good morning, my lovelies! Sending you much love and good vibes today. I learned a super cool craft from the ever-stunning Bethany Mota this past weekend and I just knew that I needed to share it with ya’ll. If you’ve never heard of her before, check out her Youtube channel; you won’t regret it. Her videos never fail to put a smile on my face and she’s a crafter at heart so she’s always coming up with cool ways to make things. This project is based on the Happiness Jar she showed in her newest #Roomspiration video.

In short, a Happiness Jar is a way to stay grounded and grateful. Each and every day you add another piece of paper that describes one thing (at the least!) that made you feel happy or smile that day. I really enjoy the bright colors of Post-it Notes so I used scissors to cut off the sticky part and keep the colorful papers next to a gel pen; of course all this is next to my jar. This jar can be **whatever** you want it to be and however you want it to look-as long as it makes you delighted to gaze upon it! It could be a Mason jar, a mini bucket, a box, or a washed glass bottle like I used (It was a Tazo Iced Tea bottle). Decorate it however the heck you want to. This is YOUR little Jar of Happy. Personally, I made sure to include sparkly fibers, charms, glitter, and gems. Go nuts, babe.

I’ve only been using it for two days but I truly feel like it helps me hold on to positive energy. It’s definitely something to try. Let me know if you have tried this or already own one. Do you feel like it contributes positively to your life? What does it look like? How often do you add to it?

One Hundred Things.

Happy Monday, everybody! It’s been a gorgeous couple days now. The grass is wet from rain, the sun is shining upon the face of the world, and this summer breeze is divine. Seems like a recipe for a peaceful day, eh?

To help add to this bright and lovely day, let’s get some gratitude up in this bitch. ;D This is as much an exercise for me as it is for you- I DARE you to whip out your Radical Self Love Bible/Art Journal/Diary and write down one-freaking-hundred things you are thankful for. Said things can be: people, memories, places, objects, creatures, feelings, etc. Hell, write it down using your favorite color pen! Doodle the heck out of these pages, man!

(TL;DR: Go H.A.M on this, por favor.)

Just for convenience’s sake- and the fact that I’m in the mood to type up a storm- I shall put my list right here. Maybe it will spark some ideas in you, who knows? What are the top five things you are grateful for today?

1. My laptop 2. My Mermie 3. My family 4. Fat cats 5. Chubby puppies 6. My friends 7. The rest of my loved ones 8. Silly straws 9. The Interwebs! 10. Green tea ice cream 11. My home 12. My crystal necklaces 13. This number (It’s my lucky one c: ) 14. Netflix 15. My phone 16. My bb Loaches 17. Summer days like this 18. Summer in general 19. Finding a journal that feels oh-so-right and that you can’t wait to write in 20. The fact that MICHAELS CRAFT STORE SELLS FUCKING GRUMPY CAT PLUSHIES eeeeeep 21. New videos from my favorite Youtubers 22. Trying new foods/adventures 23. The satisfaction one receives when cleaning their ears with Q-tips 24. Comfy/soft headbands 25. Having the house stocked with enough (and healthy, woo!) food 26. Crafting with my mom 27. The last weekend I hung out with my niece. She’s damn precious 28. Distancing myself from negative people and situations 29. Finding a new face wash that seems to be very promising 30. A warm cup of tea in the morning 31. Kittens that cuddle 32. Giant bath tubs that can fit more than one person and are more of a Jacuzzi than anything 33. Smiling! 34. Finding new body-positive pins on Pinterest 35. Fresh Peaches from the Farmer’s Market 36. French Macaroons that melt in your mouth 37. Waking up to C’s dog attacking me with love and smooches 38. Cuddles 39. Spending time with my Merm 40. Kettle corn 41. Catchy and positive songs 42. Having great concerts to look forward to 43. My purple/pink Cone-flowers being soooo in bloom 44. Knowing I’m almost halfway done with this list 😉 45. Actually-funny vines 46. Warm showers 47. Being brave enough to squash that monstrous bug in C’s bathroom that was trying to kill us 48. Fuzzy socks 49. Finding a new food that tastes yummy- bonus points if it’s healthy too 50. My new Happiness Jar (Will D.I.Y it up in next post) 51. When your hair feels hella soft right after you deep condition it 52. Purple hair 53. Candles 54. Tiny LED flashlights 55. Not having to wake up to an alarm 56. Knowing I don’t start school until super late August 😀 57. Online games 58. Accomplishing the stressful tasks on my daily To Do List 59. Kind strangers 60. Homemade Lemon Bars 61. Moments of utter silliness 62. Feeling in the mood to write again 63. A large, chilled glass of water 64. Feeling more relieved after days of relatively high Anxiety 65. Working on bad habits 66. Ridiculously comfortable and soft sleepy-time clothes 67. Petting furry animals 68. Seeing C’s mysterious third cat, Bubbles 69. Creepy kids’ movies/T.V shows 70. Peeing when you’ve been waiting forever to use the bathroom 71. Sleepovers that go well 72. Facing my fears 73. All that I have accomplished in my life so far 74. Glitter 75. Pretty nail polish 76. Super cozy beds 77. Disney movies 78. The extremely soft and wonderful couches in my basement 79. When I keep my room clean 80. Having the house to myself 81. Receiving genuine compliments 82. Modern medicine 83. My health insurance plan 84. My good health 85. My body 86. My soul and spirit 87. My determination to push through hard times 88.Positive thinking/thoughts 89. Decorating my room 90. Visiting the beach for the first time in years 91. A fully charged battery 92. A working freezer and refrigerator 93. Dancing 94. Seeing my loved ones being happy 95. That I’m alive 96. Having safe access to water and electricity 97. Snuggling a freshly dried blanket or comforter on a chilly day 98. Times of relaxations and rest 99. New episodes of Adventure Time 100. Happy dreams. ❤

Another Pep Talk From Violet

Dear Reader,

I made this special note just for you. Yes, you! View it as an ode to your marvelousness and a reminder that no matter how hard your current battles are, or how long you’ve been fighting, it is all worth it in the end. Adversity has the power to contribute to a person’s greatness. Let your problems add to your principle and remember your obstacles are not brick walls- they are just challenges. Do not be afraid to fail and keep that head held high. You were made for victory. You are destined to achieve your goals and dreams; you are fated for a happen ending that is so worth all the hard work you have and will put into it. Learn all that you can, and count your blessing before bedtime.

I don’t just hope that you will gain what you need most, I know that you will gain what you need most.

Keep fighting the good fight.

♥, Violet

Artistic & Creative Coping Mechanisms.

Hey there, lovelies. Here are some tips and ideas to get your inner-artist going AND better your mental health (or at least keep it up!):

♥ Print out coloring pages and color your heart out

♥ Draw some Zen Doodles or some plain-old regular doodles

♥ Color those doodles in

♥ Play an instrument or create its silly cardboard cousin (tissue box guitar, anyone?)

♥ Make someone a homemade card (yes, from scratch.)

♥ Pick out some pretty fabrics and sew a pillow/dress/blanket/baby clothes

♥ Knit or Crotchet

♥ Wreak havoc on a blank canvas

♥ Make some jewelry (the Macaroni kind is totally cool, too)

♥ Make an art journal for you to express the bejeebus out of yourself

♥ Pick up an interesting craft kit at a nearby Hobby Lobby, Joanne’s, or Michael’s.

♥ Break out the chalk and decorate your driveway and all of that boring sidewalk

♥ Bake something and use all your might to decorate it

♥ Go to a Paint-n-Party

♥ Glitterize something, damnit!

Anything that I missed? Comment down below if one of your favorite artsy feel-good hobbies are up there, and let me know if it isn’t and what that awesome activity is! Good luck, darlings. Sending you hella positive vibes.

Self-love workshop?

Happy Monday, precious nuggets. While searching for a better, more stable, state of mind I’ve returned to the basics of self-care. Self-help worksheets were a huuuge thing at the hospital and I find that- with the right mood, of course- filling them out brings me a sense of familiarity and comfort. Jessica Mullen has some pretty cool ones that I stumbled upon. Check her out if you’d like: . There are a few that you can download for free; I’ve even got my Mom doing them. 🙂

I thought I would create a little form/self-love worksheet myself. I’ll show ya’ll my answers and I would love for you to try it out and tell me your thoughts. You guys are important and I’m always up for feedback!

Top 5 awesome things your body lets you do: 1. Run long distances 2. Walk around the neighborhood with my best friend J 3. Feel the ridiculously soft material of my comfy throw blanket 4. Splash around at the beach 5. Smile at loved ones & share a laugh.

Favorite physical feature(s): My glorious (and healthy) hair, my hips, my booty, my eyes, and my strong legs.

Moment when you felt really good about your body/strength/physique: The first time I ran five-six miles!

Favorite body-positive quote: “Be careful what you say about your body, because she’s listening to every word.”~ Lisa M. Hayes

Ways you can treat your body: Stay hydrated, LUSH bubble baths, yoga, back massage from a friend, hella body butter, & eating healthy, yummy foods.

Top 5 amazing things your mind can do: 1. Solve riddles/jokes 2. Create words that become sentences and speech 3. Dream & daydream 4. Learn from my mistakes 5. Hold fantastic, irreplaceable memories.

Favorite personality quirks/characteristics: My weird “granny voice” that I do to sound extra cute, my sense of humor, my empathy and sympathy, my resilience & determination, and my love for myself and others.

Moment when you felt really good about your mind’s capacity to learn and grow/inner-self: A few days ago when a friend said I was so adorable I could “make ‘Little Shit’ sound like the cutest thing ever said”.

Favorite quote about inner-beauty: “Wake up every morning and tell yourself you’re a badass bitch from hell and that no one can fuck with you, then don’t let anybody fuck with you.”

Ways you can treat your mind & soul: Enjoyable puzzles, reading, writing, naps! , debates, and doing things that make me happy.

I hope you guys enjoyed this simple worksheet on appreciating yourself. Rock on with your bad selves, babes. You deserve incredibly good things. ♥

Confidence-boosting playlist + short life update!

What a lovely, surprisingly-chilly Tuesday, huh? How have ya’ll been this week? I hope things are getting off to a great start with you. Keep on keeping on, babes. Like I mentioned in my earlier posts, I’m in that awkward soul-searching stage of my life (bahhhhumbug!) so I’m dwelling in the realm of self-care and “the meaning of life”-type stuff. You know, the norm. 😉

And bless the stars- I feel like writing! Huzzah! I haven’t exactly writer’s block, per say, I just didn’t care and have enough drive to actually do it. Which, as a lover of both reading and writing, TOTALLY sucks and it bummed me out. But I’d rather much focus my energy and passions today on my blossoming creativity!

Recently, I’ve decided to update my Feel-Good Playlist to a more specific Hell-Yes-I’m-Hot Playlist. The kind of music that makes me sway my hips, sing my heart out, and believe every kind thing anyone (including myself) has said about my body and mind. A girl has to feel like a mega babe and these songs truly make me feel like the temple of my body is worth regarding as sacred.

Here goes:

“Anklebiters”- Paramore

“Grow Up”- Paramore

“Bravado”- Lorde

“Tennis Court”- Lorde

“BO$$”- Fifth Harmony

“Salute”- Little Mix

“Wings”- Little Mix

“All About That Bass”- Megan Trainor

“How To Be A Heart breaker”- Marina & The Diamonds

“Fancy”- Iggly Azalea; covered amazingly by Megan Nicole

“Legendary Lovers”- Katy Perry

“Dark Horse”- Katy Perry

“Pretty Girl Rock”- Keri Hilson

“Changin’ Me”- Cady Groves

What songs do you listen to when you need a little reminder of your awesomeness?

As for my life, I’ve of course been reading tons every day. I’m back to exercising every day (Yay! I missed you!), still trying to eat enough and healthy, and I have a Psychiatrist appointment today. It’s been forever, so I’m actually pretty stoked about it! I’ve even found a nice little bedtime routine to calm me down for sleep AND express my gratitude towards the Universe. Sounds like a winner, eh? Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have an empty house full of quiet to get back to. Wishing you guys some inner peace. 🙂

Self-care, aww yisss.

Happy Sunday, babes. Woo for me finding the will and energy to write a little! *woooo’s loudly* This shall be a short post, just wanted to share a few things that are in my self-care toolkit. It’s been tough to be me for some reason lately- like, NO reason- so I’ve been focusing on myself and my well being hardcore.

Violet The Radiant’s Self-Care List~

1. Books. Lots and lots of books. I may have a reading problem. I checked out nineteen (I REPEAT NINETEEN) books from my local library a few days ago.

2. Pay extra attention to my fishies and making sure they have enough food and that their space is clean.

3. Music that gives me good vibes. Will post an updated feel-good playlist sometime in the future.

4. Art therapy. Learned this one in Alexian and it’s never failed me. Creativity is good for the soul!

5. Computer games because hell yeaah.

6. Taking some time to think of others and/or help them out. A friend was feeling suicidal but a pep talk and some OITNB distractions worked beautifully. I’m glad I could help her get a good night’s sleep!

7. Kittens. I have yet to cuddle them so far :c

8. Pampering myself; this means body butter, bubble bath, warm shower, nail polish, face mask, scrubs, etc. It feels good to be me right meow.

What are some things on your list?

I think I’m in that part of my life that they call “Soul Searching”.

Hello, lovelies of the Internet! I’m hoping ya’ll haven’t shunned me by now for making so little posts lately. I honestly just didn’t feel like writing. I’m in that hella awkward stage of my life where I have no idea what I’m doing or what to do. My brain is all over the place. If you were to look up Violet’s Life in a dictionary right now, the picture next to it would literally just be a question mark. Do any of you guys know what’s going on? Because I sure as hell don’t.

So I can make any promises right now as far as posting is concerned (and no, I haven’t forgotten about D & T Tuesdays). I’m hoping to write daily again to share things with you darlings and also to improve my writing skills. However, I’m focusing on my self-care at the moment and I just want to get my shit together.

I have quite a few goals for myself this month so I’m spending as much of my energy as I can pulling myself together and tackling them. I know this isn’t a very positive post but I wanted you guys to know that being cheerful and optimistic doesn’t mean you don’t have shitty or disappointing days.

Farewell for now, friends. Keep your chins up! Tomorrow is a new day and the world is waiting for your beautiful self to enjoy it.