Things I’d like to share with you lovelies.

Happy Thursday, everyone! Are you guys excited for the weekend? Do you have anything planned? I’m going to attempt to return to C’s Friday bonfires- since the offending-incident I’ve been reluctant to return. Plus, driving around that area is super confusing because of the weird roads and I recently learned that the exact road I take to get home (of course it had to be just that one) is gang territory and they’ve been trying to intimidate some of my friends who live around there. Apparently they’ll follow people driving during the evening onto random roads and flash their brights at them. Just another reason for my lazy self to not do the driving, haha.

Besides that, I have no exact plans for the weekend. I’m trying to save some space for the unknown. You know, adventure! Let’s hope that we all actually find interesting adventures for ourselves. I’m praying that mine comes in the form of some sort of mermaid-princess-warrior-story, but I obviously have high hopes.

Today I just wanted to share a few of my current favorite things with you guys. They make me happy, entertain me, and keep life bearable. (;

♥ Ice cold lemonade, water, & other similar beverages ♥ Megan Nicole’s cover of “Fancy” by Iggy Azalea (much fresher and brighter than the original, in my opinion) ♥ Yummy salad with kale, bb spinach (awww), carrots, tomatoes, fresh peas, and Thousand Island ♥ Spending some time at the pool ♥ Pewdiepie videos (specifically his recent series on the game Corpse Party) ♥ Antique/Thrift stores & finding creepy old things or interesting paraphernalia ♥ Maleficent!!! I saw it a few days ago with C & her little sister. We’re huge Disney fans and basically squealed the whole time. It is actually one of the best Disney movies I’ve ever seen. I highly recommend it for fellow positive people 😉 ♥ cute bb animal videos on Youtube ♥ foodie-smelling/sweet/gourmet scents and lotions ♥ having a quiet house for a day ♥ sketching in a brand new notebook my darling Mermie gave me; I’m not that rad of a drawer but I like doing it! ♥ Writing a list of the things I want to do with J this summer ♥ Festivals (Riot Fest, Apple Fest, Peace Fest, etc.!) ♥This: ♥Aaand this: ♥Okay, this too: ♥Poptropica (yes it is a children’s game but I am a child damnit)

What has been cheering you up lately?

“Damn, Nature. You scary!”

Hey there, dolls. Yes, I did just have a Kourtney Kardashian moment. I have no shame. Zero.

It’s one of those great, lively days where I realize how crazy and brilliant life is. A lot of times I come to this realization through viewing nature. Like today, when half an hour ago the house was suddenly engulfed in darkness. It was a super sunny, bright morning. Now however, I can hear the gentle pattering of rain on my windows and feel the vibration of thunder through the floorboards. It’s insane how quickly nature transitions! Makes me really appreciate how wondrous and powerful it is. Plus, gloomy weather like this happens to be super comforting!

Today’s post is quite short; I just wanted to share my little piece of happiness with you guys. I’m hoping you are all safe and cozy inside and feeling good about the day. Wishing you all peace and comfort right now.

In the wise words of Russell Baker, “Ah, Summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like it.”

& the possibly even more clever Peter Griffin:

“Damn, Nature. You scary!”


Garden Witchery

Happy Tuesday, people of the Interwebs! Sorry I didn’t post the flower spell last night, I honestly wasn’t feeling it. I was pretty grumpy. However, today is a new day and I’m pointing my face towards the sunshine- though some gloom and rain would be super appreciated, Mother Nature. I won’t be posting a ton on Wiccan topics since I’m still in the learning process, but if it’s relevant or when there is a Sabbat or Esbat coming up (These are sort of like holidays or days for sacred celebration) I’ll write a post or two. I figured with spring coming to an end and summer arriving shortly it would be a lovely time to talk about a little Garden Witchery.

Do you remember hearing the advice from older folk to talk to your flowers? I’ve heard this wise advice a few times and not surprisingly discovered it may have its roots in old Pagan culture. Wiccans and Pagans tend to get a pretty shitty rep in modern media, but magick isn’t some Hocus Pocus. I mean, there are wands involved (along with various other symbolic tools, like in most religions) but at least in my eyes, it’s more of a focused self-aware thinking. Many things we do in our daily lives (spring cleaning, putting good intentions into cooking/baking, and hanging mistletoe and similar holiday greenery up around the house in the winter period) are actually traditionally Pagan. As you see, there’s nothing extremely weird about those things; they are simply traditions that call upon us to live in the present and use our power to create a loving, nature-centered, and safe environment. That was sort of a murky explanation ha, but Wicca can be hard to describe sometimes.

Well, the older people were onto something: plants react and may grow when surrounded by vibrational stimuli. Our voices and spoken words involve vibrations, and according to research plants may best grow when around music. Most of us don’t want to set up a stereo next to our gardens that plays music 24/7, so singing or speaking to your flowers is the next best thing. To learn more about helping your plants to go, check out this interesting source:

My small spell that I speak or sing to flowers is this (feel free to create your own if you’d like to try it for yourself!);

Sweet little blossoms

stretching towards the Sun,

May your petals unfurl

and stems grow strong.

May you live in peace

with the birds and the bees,

drink your fill from rain

and feel love from me.

You can sing or speak these when watering or grooming your garden. As long as you truly mean and believe it, the magick will begin its work. Try to think positive, calm, loving thoughts when gardening. And if you’re not Wiccan, simply enjoy the happiness the garden gives you and let the plants soak up those healthy vibrations!

Are you growing anything in a garden this year? What are your favorite flowers? Do you have any gardening/planting tips for us beginners (this is my first time in ten years)?