Some things to brighten your day or teach you something new!

Hello, all! Happy Easter to those who celebrate it- I hope your holiday is filled to the brim with joy and good memories. Today I wanted to share some of the cool things on the Interwebs I’ve found recently. I hope you enjoy this list- I even included a few of my favorite things this Spring.








✿ Pretty much any Dog Whisperer or My Cat From Hell episode, ever.



✿ Light or Pastel colors.


✿ Raising some gorgeous indoor plants.

That’s it babes- I hope you enjoyed the links and learned something interesting.

Much love from my house to yours,

Violet XO

Best Of 2014: Full of Positivity, Body Love, & Inspiration! (PART TWO, ONLINE POSTS/PAGES)

Happy New Year, darlings! I’m wishing all of you joyous moments and loving memories for this new year. Today I’m continuing the Best of 2014 series and the final post for this shall be up sometime tomorrow. For more information regarding the series, check out my previous post. I’m sharing many links so I’ll make the intro short and get right into it! (;


☯ Gala Darling ( )

☯ More Gala ( )

☯ Bubz ( )

☯ Miss Varlow ( )

☯ What do you want? ( )

☯ Thrive ( )

☯ Stop Judging Your Body ( )

☯ Kindness ( )

☯ Gabby Bernstein ( )

☯ Michelle Phan ( )

☯ More Mish ( )

☯ A goldmine of Louise Hay affirmations! ( )

☯ Justine Musk ( )

☯ Musk Again ( )

☯ Make Your Own Desire Map ( )

☯ Loving Light ( )

☯ Happy & Healthy ( )

☯ RSL! ( )

☯ More RSL ( )

☯ Be a Love Letter ( )

What were your favorite posts/website pages of 2014? Did you like any of the links I’ve provided? Let me know in the comments!

Monthly Favorites of December

Hello there, lovelies of the internet! I hope y’all are having incredible weekends to match your incredible selves. I’v been rather productive and Violet-ish this month so I thought a small Favorites post would be a good way to get back in the swing of daily vlogging. With further adieu~

Scent: Peppermint or Sweet Mint, because it’s chilly out and why the heck not?

Book: I finally decided to read The Help by Kathryn Stockett after seeing the movie (which, by the way, was pretty dang great). I haven’t finished it yet but I like it so far and recommend it to anyone unsure of what to read next. Seems promising!

Music: *warning, some of these may be too catchy to escape* “Close Your Eyes”- Meghan Trainor. “Part Two”- Paramore. “Riptide”- Vance Joy. “All I Want For Christmas (cover)”- Fifth Harmony. & “Can You Feel My Heart”- Bring Me The Horizon.

Word: Lovelies/Lovely.

Color: Soft, light, and pastel colors!

Power Outfit: Comfy and colorful boots, light-washed skinny jeans, a bright sweater, my Trinity Knot ring, and the precious moon and stars necklace I recently got. (Most other power outfits to default to all black and grey, with skulls and creep aplenty).

Snack: Caesar-flavored pea snap crisps, apple slices with peanut butter, or fresh bread with olive oil and Parmesan.

Mantra: “What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create.” – Buddha.

Articles/Blog Posts:


I hope the day is treating you right! What are your monthly favorites? Share them in the comments! Much love and loads of good vibes to ya.

When life trips you up…

It can be really hard to get back up. I’m not sure why, but even when the obstacles present in our life seem small and insignificant, they can still pose great challenge. Especially when you’ve gone through things much worse (hello, week stay in a mental hospital) and so you feel silly for being so “dramatic”. But regardless of how big or meaningful or dire the bumps in the road are, each time we manage to go climb over them it still feels like a battle- and when you’ve overcome that teeny tiny hill, it still fills you with accomplishment and bravado.

So while last night I had heartburn a thousand times more painful and harder to work through (heartburn is fucking killer :l) than the emotional obstacles I faced yesterday, it. Was. Still. Hard. Long story short, I began this blog on another blogging site, It was literally the first free website that come up, and I instantly fell in love with the admin process, layout of posts, and the gorgeous, fairytale theme. Unfortunately, this excitement only lasted two days, as although my blog technically still exists somewhere in the vast land of Internet, the website has deleted all recollection of me as its admin and therefore says I have zero posts and whatnot. Yep, kind of a bummer. Oh, and their help/support page apparently doesn’t exist. But according to my expert snooping skills, the website hasn’t been doing well since 2013. Okay, so a few posts from the site’s official blog may that explained this may have come up on my dashboard, but I am a detective, god damnit.

Thankfully, I was able to find this lovely website right hurr that had the same stunning theme. Content sigh ♥ And while this shit was pretty much no big deal, it stressed me out like crazy because I genuinely enjoy blogging and finding hobbies that make me feel good is kind of hard for me. So that’s my story about how I freaked out over three posts on a blog I just made and nearly cried out of frustration.

Presently, I’m determined to actually do something today. My “oh-so-productive” day that I predicted? Yeah, didn’t go that well. The past few days I planted all of the flowers J and his mom passed onto my care (and my little bb’s are already growing!) but that’s where my productivity halted. For two days. But I promise,- nay, I pinkie swear!- that today is my day to shine and be hella creative and productive. I have so much to do… ;-;

Buuuut before I go, here’s a little life tip if you guys are in the difficult process of loving yourself and exploring life, surround yourself with positivity. Not just in real life either, but here on the web. I promise we don’t bite! Here’s a couple bloggers to start you off. If you haven’t already, pay the mega babes Gala Darling ( and Veronica Varlow (, it’s sooo incredibly worth it. They truly inspire me and I think they might inspire you too 🙂

Do you have any favorite bloggers that you think embody true self-love and inner-peace? What about writers, artists, teachers, etc.?