Things I’d like to share with you lovelies.

Happy Thursday, everyone! Are you guys excited for the weekend? Do you have anything planned? I’m going to attempt to return to C’s Friday bonfires- since the offending-incident I’ve been reluctant to return. Plus, driving around that area is super confusing because of the weird roads and I recently learned that the exact road I take to get home (of course it had to be just that one) is gang territory and they’ve been trying to intimidate some of my friends who live around there. Apparently they’ll follow people driving during the evening onto random roads and flash their brights at them. Just another reason for my lazy self to not do the driving, haha.

Besides that, I have no exact plans for the weekend. I’m trying to save some space for the unknown. You know, adventure! Let’s hope that we all actually find interesting adventures for ourselves. I’m praying that mine comes in the form of some sort of mermaid-princess-warrior-story, but I obviously have high hopes.

Today I just wanted to share a few of my current favorite things with you guys. They make me happy, entertain me, and keep life bearable. (;

♥ Ice cold lemonade, water, & other similar beverages ♥ Megan Nicole’s cover of “Fancy” by Iggy Azalea (much fresher and brighter than the original, in my opinion) ♥ Yummy salad with kale, bb spinach (awww), carrots, tomatoes, fresh peas, and Thousand Island ♥ Spending some time at the pool ♥ Pewdiepie videos (specifically his recent series on the game Corpse Party) ♥ Antique/Thrift stores & finding creepy old things or interesting paraphernalia ♥ Maleficent!!! I saw it a few days ago with C & her little sister. We’re huge Disney fans and basically squealed the whole time. It is actually one of the best Disney movies I’ve ever seen. I highly recommend it for fellow positive people 😉 ♥ cute bb animal videos on Youtube ♥ foodie-smelling/sweet/gourmet scents and lotions ♥ having a quiet house for a day ♥ sketching in a brand new notebook my darling Mermie gave me; I’m not that rad of a drawer but I like doing it! ♥ Writing a list of the things I want to do with J this summer ♥ Festivals (Riot Fest, Apple Fest, Peace Fest, etc.!) ♥This: ♥Aaand this: ♥Okay, this too: ♥Poptropica (yes it is a children’s game but I am a child damnit)

What has been cheering you up lately?