Friday thoughts + a little pep talk.

Hooray, it’s Friday!! It’s officially the weekend. Wishing ya’ll an exciting Friday (or a relaxing one if that’s what you’re going for) with happy moments galore. Be easy on yourself today- you’ve worked through a hard week and you deserve a little celebration! Think for a second… what is one kind thing you can say to yourself? What is one kind thing you can do for yourself? Ponder on that a bit, and then go out and make it happen. I’ll even share mine as an example (and to remind you guys that I’m indeed taking my own advice): One kind thing I can say to myself is “Go get ’em, babe. Today is your day and it turns out how you’ve made it to be. Make it a great one! I know you can do it.” One kind thing I can do for myself is to paint my nails a sparkly, glittery color that will make me smile every time I look down at my hands. What are yours?

Today will be a busy day. I am thinking of accompanying my Mermie to the local mall (LUSH face masks & bath bombs! Can I get a what what?) and later on will be hanging out with C and her sister before the bonfire. I’ve decided to attend- even though I won’t stay super late- because there are a few awesome people there and social events are probably important for a functioning human. Plus, puppies! Somewhere between that madness I want to get my Violet on and do some creating, along with pampering myself, exercising, reading, and making sure I’m staying hydrated and eating enough. ‘Tis a lot on my plate, yes, but I can do anything I set my heart on. I encourage you to feel the same way about yourself. After all, you’re a damn magical creature with the essence of beauty and life within you. TL;DR: you are an irreplaceable, awesome person, ‘kay?

Tomorrow I shall make another post (Woah Violet, you’re actually posting every day?) about birthdays and such. I promise it’ll make you smile.♥

Much love & laughter sent your way.

Things I’d like to share with you lovelies.

Happy Thursday, everyone! Are you guys excited for the weekend? Do you have anything planned? I’m going to attempt to return to C’s Friday bonfires- since the offending-incident I’ve been reluctant to return. Plus, driving around that area is super confusing because of the weird roads and I recently learned that the exact road I take to get home (of course it had to be just that one) is gang territory and they’ve been trying to intimidate some of my friends who live around there. Apparently they’ll follow people driving during the evening onto random roads and flash their brights at them. Just another reason for my lazy self to not do the driving, haha.

Besides that, I have no exact plans for the weekend. I’m trying to save some space for the unknown. You know, adventure! Let’s hope that we all actually find interesting adventures for ourselves. I’m praying that mine comes in the form of some sort of mermaid-princess-warrior-story, but I obviously have high hopes.

Today I just wanted to share a few of my current favorite things with you guys. They make me happy, entertain me, and keep life bearable. (;

♥ Ice cold lemonade, water, & other similar beverages ♥ Megan Nicole’s cover of “Fancy” by Iggy Azalea (much fresher and brighter than the original, in my opinion) ♥ Yummy salad with kale, bb spinach (awww), carrots, tomatoes, fresh peas, and Thousand Island ♥ Spending some time at the pool ♥ Pewdiepie videos (specifically his recent series on the game Corpse Party) ♥ Antique/Thrift stores & finding creepy old things or interesting paraphernalia ♥ Maleficent!!! I saw it a few days ago with C & her little sister. We’re huge Disney fans and basically squealed the whole time. It is actually one of the best Disney movies I’ve ever seen. I highly recommend it for fellow positive people 😉 ♥ cute bb animal videos on Youtube ♥ foodie-smelling/sweet/gourmet scents and lotions ♥ having a quiet house for a day ♥ sketching in a brand new notebook my darling Mermie gave me; I’m not that rad of a drawer but I like doing it! ♥ Writing a list of the things I want to do with J this summer ♥ Festivals (Riot Fest, Apple Fest, Peace Fest, etc.!) ♥This: ♥Aaand this: ♥Okay, this too: ♥Poptropica (yes it is a children’s game but I am a child damnit)

What has been cheering you up lately?

Belated Dares & Tears Tuesday

Good morning, fellow rays of sunshine! I feel like the stereotypical portrayal of a Hippie, but I have zero- none, zip, zilch!- shits to give. I will be positive today, so I am positive today; even if it sickens the cynic in me, haha. Negative-Me has been thrown out of the door where she can vacation and watch OITNB or something. Are we going to talk about Orange is The New Black?? Have any of ya’ll seen it? What season are you on? I am constantly surrounded by buddies who rave about it at least once a day. I tried it out (It’s a new thing, ‘kay? It counts as an adventure!) and am two episodes into the first season, but I have to say it’s a slow start. I’m going to at least ten. I’m really hoping it’ll redeem itself, I love ridiculous T.V. shows.

Anywaaay, ahem, yay for you guys surviving the second D & T challenge! Woooo! Get on your party hat and treat yourself, girlie. Here is a recap of how I managed the dare~

What I did: Wrote a little tune describing all that is the glorious Me, haha. I decided to make an ode to myself.

How it felt doing it: Let me assure you, it was definitely awkward to do at first (and a little throughout the whole thing). Yet despite the uncomfortable feelings of self-obsession and unworthiness, I encouraged the tiny Narcissist in me to come out and breathe some fresh air for a little. And you know what? It felt good. It felt great to feel worthy enough to have a song written about me, even if i wrote it myself. It felt incredible to recognize my beauty and amazing to remember my accomplishments.

Am I inspired to do something similar again? Hell to the yaasss (shout-out to Bunny Meyers ❤ !). I decided to redecorate my bedroom to fit a more positive attitude. I had a lot of artwork up that I had done in dark times of my life and it was sort of bumming me out. I don’t care for the dramatics, but literally no one wants the reminder of a broken relationship or an abusive ex hanging out above their bed. Nothankyou. So I took all of the twisted (although very badass and cool) stuff down and out of sight and finished up those paper hearts I made. I wrote awesome, positive sayings on them and of course doused them with a proper amount of glitter. I have them on my wall and continue to add drawings and paintings that inspire me. It’s fun!

Overall, I’d say that this challenge was enjoyable and the benefits were immediately reap-able. It put me in a positive, loving mindset, for sure! I might even hang up my ode in my room, too. How did yours go, darling? I hope you liked this dare as much as I did. 

This week’s D & T challenge is to do something you’re afraid of. Ughh, I know. I’m getting stressed out just from writing that sentence. But you know what? At least once this week, I’m going to say “Screw stress! I don’t care, I’m going to do this, even though it scares the bejeebus out of me and I might just pee myself”. I encourage you to do the same, although it would be ideal that neither of us pee ourselves. :p I quadruple dog dare you!

Humans are programmed to be afraid; it’s in our DNA. But part of the beauty in being human is being able to conquer our fears and discover something wonderful and previously-unfathomable. It’s okay to be afraid. Everybody is/gets scared. The best of us are able to push through those panicky thoughts and accomplish the unknown anyway. I truly believe in you guys.

For me, this challenge will have a lot to do with my social anxiety. It’s going to be particularly difficult. I’m not really looking forward to it, but I swell up with determination when i think of all the happy possibilities that could happen. Like when I got on three roller-coasters, even though I had spent sixteen years of my life utterly terrified of them even existing, and discovered I actually was thrilled to go on a particular one. Yeah, I’ll never step foot on the other two; but I found one that makes me happy and excites me.

Try to think of all the great things you might discover. You never know what treasures may await you.

A little Saturday appreciation!

Hello, friends of the Interwebs! Hoping that all of you are having awesome weekends. Try to be kind to yourself and others, kay?

Today’s post is just a simple one- a gratitude list. Who doesn’t love writing things that they’re grateful for? It can make one feel so rejuvenated and refreshed; and I haven’t been writing such lists often enough for my liking. Here’s to remembering the small things that make you giggle with utter madness, make you tear up with happiness and appreciation, and that lift that beautiful soul of yours to new heights. Cheers!

I am grateful for: Acrylic paint, blank canvases, moments of silent serenity, silly (but fun!) computer games, Youtube videos from my favorite video-makers, having a fridge full of food after going grocery shopping, water, food in general, the roof over my head, my amazing support system, artsy and creative time dedicated to crafting, entertaining xojane articles (& entertaining comments there, haha. Grab some popcorn!), Glades, Netflix, cozy blankets, air conditioning, my phone, my laptop, my home, my loved ones, good books, touching music, growth and development, flowers, cushions and comfy pillows, going makeup free (which by the way I did for about a week, and since then have tried to only wear makeup for special days), feeling good about myself and the world, the Universe, my pretty little altar, cute tubby animals, & many more.

I’d like to end this post with a funny story. A friend of C’s recently bought/adopted a puppy. He is such a cutie! Only about 3 months old, this old English Bulldog’s name is Dexter! *cue the awwwwwing* He not only looks super adorable and playful, but he definitely is. Apparently he looks to chew and bite the ends of skirts and dresses if he can reach them. Sooo guess who had a cute-but-destructive baby pup hanging off the end of her skirt? Yep, this girl. Twas slobbery. I can’t decide if I am supposed to laugh or be afraid haha. It’s a little scary having a dog’s teeth so close to your bottom, you know! Sometime I’ll upload some pictures of the cutie patootie for you guys. You’ll immediately fall in love with him, I promise 🙂

What are you grateful for today? And do you have any funny events that occurred recently?

Self-Care Days (AKA: ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.)

Today is one of those days. One of those days where you feel extra miserable for no apparent reason and it feels like everything is awful and out of control. Because of my mental illness, these days- which most people get sometimes- are especially hard for me to deal with. I’ve learned that a trigger for me is feeling as though I have no control over things. It sucks knowing you feel shitty and you have no real reason why. ‘Tis why Self-Care Days are suuuper important for me. As much as it can be annoying (or feel counter-productive) to take a day off from normal life, it truly is the best, healthiest way to cope with days like today. It will be good for both you and your future projects- if you are rested and revitalized, you best believe you will achieve a lot more later on!

Here’s a small example of a Self-Care Day looks like for me:

Eating comfort food (even if it’s junk and not nutritious). Lounging around for hours straight. Pretty much until I turn into a potato. Watching Greys Anatomy and Ghost Whisperer. I can’t help but love that show, my only complaint is Wife Swap not being on. I also try to reach out to my friends and remind myself of the awesome support group I have. It helps to chat with loved ones and think about someone other than yourself. Drink tooons of water; dehydration makes you even more crabby, you know! Playing silly online games with no shame. Doing something super artsy and creative. Spending time with loved ones. Making sure to pamper and take care of yourself: brush your teeth, slap on some chapstick, lotion up, and wash your face. Take a bath or shower if you’d like. Lastly, running with the “getting out of your own head” thing and focusing your remaining energy on doing something kind and loving for someone else.

After all, part of self-love is reaching out to others and spreading some of that good stuff around. ♥

What does your self-care involve? What makes you feel better when you feel down in the dumps?

“Damn, Nature. You scary!”

Hey there, dolls. Yes, I did just have a Kourtney Kardashian moment. I have no shame. Zero.

It’s one of those great, lively days where I realize how crazy and brilliant life is. A lot of times I come to this realization through viewing nature. Like today, when half an hour ago the house was suddenly engulfed in darkness. It was a super sunny, bright morning. Now however, I can hear the gentle pattering of rain on my windows and feel the vibration of thunder through the floorboards. It’s insane how quickly nature transitions! Makes me really appreciate how wondrous and powerful it is. Plus, gloomy weather like this happens to be super comforting!

Today’s post is quite short; I just wanted to share my little piece of happiness with you guys. I’m hoping you are all safe and cozy inside and feeling good about the day. Wishing you all peace and comfort right now.

In the wise words of Russell Baker, “Ah, Summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like it.”

& the possibly even more clever Peter Griffin:

“Damn, Nature. You scary!”


Second round of Dares & Tears Tuesday ;D

Happy tuesday, lovelies! How is your week starting off? Sending ya’ll good vibes and positive thoughts. So, last D & T Tuesday the challenge was to go on little adventures and find new things to do or enjoy. Here’s an update on how that went for me; feel free to use the same style format to let me know how your adventures went in the comments!

What I did: I didn’t do anything dramatically different, but I decided to create a Pinterest account to hoard awesome images and words, went to the earlier-discussed bonfire with slightly stubby legs (which is different for me), and also made sure to go with my creative impulses and craft my heart out. In last night’s case, this meant creating tons of colorful and gorgeous paper hearts to write on later! I even listened to music I hadn’t heard yet on Youtube and chose songs I normally wouldn’t listen to.

How it felt to do them: Nice. Nothing special, but it was much better than simply being bored! The only one that was uncomfortable was the stubbly legs one- I wore a dress and I don’t like the feeling of prickly hairs, haha.

Any inspiration to do something new? A little. I think I might branch out more musically and develop my taste better. I also want to make cupcakes or some sort of baked treat this week!

Not bad (: Now, onto this week’s Dares & Tears Tuesday. Today’s challenge is…

*drum roll*

*still drumming*

*Yep time for a bongo interlude*

*almost done*


To write yourself a love song! Yes, you heard correctly- I want you to really think and meditate on yourself and write down a little song, ode, or poem dedicated to yourself. Why? Because you’re a stellar person who deserves a song to be written about them, duhh. It doesn’t have to be long or extravagant, just pour your heart into it. Really focus on what you’re saying. And keep it 100% positive! Remain honest; if you’re still struggling a lot on the journey to self-love, don’t feel stressed because you can’t make extreme statements of self-adoration. Write the best, positive statements about yourself that you can. If you have trouble, try talking to a trusted loved one and ask them what qualities/traits/quirks/features they admire most of you.

This is going to be an interesting (read: weird) challenge but I know you mega babes can do it!

Come on, I dare you.