“Damn, Nature. You scary!”

Hey there, dolls. Yes, I did just have a Kourtney Kardashian moment. I have no shame. Zero.

It’s one of those great, lively days where I realize how crazy and brilliant life is. A lot of times I come to this realization through viewing nature. Like today, when half an hour ago the house was suddenly engulfed in darkness. It was a super sunny, bright morning. Now however, I can hear the gentle pattering of rain on my windows and feel the vibration of thunder through the floorboards. It’s insane how quickly nature transitions! Makes me really appreciate how wondrous and powerful it is. Plus, gloomy weather like this happens to be super comforting!

Today’s post is quite short; I just wanted to share my little piece of happiness with you guys. I’m hoping you are all safe and cozy inside and feeling good about the day. Wishing you all peace and comfort right now.

In the wise words of Russell Baker, “Ah, Summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like it.”

& the possibly even more clever Peter Griffin:

“Damn, Nature. You scary!”