Spreading some love ♥

Good afternoon, Interwebs! How is everyone’s day so far? It’s very bright and sunny out where I am- there are flowers peeping out from everywhere! Although I’m personally partial to gloom and rain, I have to admit that seeing the grass look like little blades of emerald is magical to see.

And what else is magical?


Yes, you.

Your words. Your thoughts & actions & quirks & laughter.

Everything you are and do is powerful, and influences your entire life and all it touches.

So today, use your power for good. Love yourself, love others, and let your kindness touch all corners of the earth! I feel good about myself today, and I want you to, too. So do something to pamper yourself and help someone else out. It can honestly change everything.

What would you do if you truly believed in yourself and your ability to transform things? Would you act any differently than you do now?