Small Steps

Good morning, nuggets. I’m going to try to write here at least every other day now. I want to keep on sharing good things with ya’ll and developing my abilities as a writer.

Progress is hard, ya know?

I am working hard to strengthen my foundation- my mind, body, and soul/spiritual self. That is really fucking hard. I give immense props and all of the respect to people who have accomplished this. It’s a gigantic load of hard work, determination, faith, and perseverance (random fun fact, I used to know a dude named Severance). In simpler terms, it’s hella exhausting!

I’ve been working on self-love, treating my body right, being more helpful to others, feeding my soul with positivity and goodness, learning more things about the world, and overall self-improvement. That is one freaking huge assignment for little old me. But hey, like Shakespeare wrote:

“She be little but she be fierce”.

I am small- dainty almost- but I can do damn near anything I set my heart on. I have a lot on my plate but I am determined to finish it all in due time. I am strong enough. I am worthy enough. I am beautiful enough. And I am brave enough. Failure or slow progress is okay, because they are still parts of progress. When I was younger and adored the model Audrey Kitching, I remember she once wrote on her blog: “Never be afraid of failure. Take that shit like a queen; failures are the stepping stones to greatness”. I don’t know if she thought that up herself, but that was the first time I realized that failure had a good, healthy purpose.

I am making mistakes along the way and I’m taking small steps. But hey- that’s still a step in the right direction, right?

So even though I’m not doing as well as my ego hoped I would do, today I choose to focus on the victories, no matter how tiny and insignificant they may seem. They’re still victories.

A list of my small but positive steps:

1. I’ve made a habit of brushing my teeth twice a day (dental hygiene, woooo!).

2. I’ve really connected with Bella about being kind to ourselves and I’m proud to say this past weekend she said ZERO bad things about herself or others.

3. I’ve made plans with friends this week.

4. I’m writing this right now, even though I could have be lazy and simply waited until I felt more like writing.

5. I haven’t watched TV before bed for at least a month; although in this case, I have to congratulate my sloth self for being too lazy to retrieve the remote that slipped under my bed. Heheheh.

6. I’ve been reading loads (both fiction and non-fiction) and have found both a fiction series I love and a couple books on Wiccan spirituality and practice that have truly resonated with me and taught me a few pearls of wisdom.

7. I’ve recognized my latest bouts of sudden jealousy as reminders to work on my self-love and compassion for others.

What are your victories? What small steps in the right direction can you celebrate today?