A little Saturday appreciation!

Hello, friends of the Interwebs! Hoping that all of you are having awesome weekends. Try to be kind to yourself and others, kay?

Today’s post is just a simple one- a gratitude list. Who doesn’t love writing things that they’re grateful for? It can make one feel so rejuvenated and refreshed; and I haven’t been writing such lists often enough for my liking. Here’s to remembering the small things that make you giggle with utter madness, make you tear up with happiness and appreciation, and that lift that beautiful soul of yours to new heights. Cheers!

I am grateful for: Acrylic paint, blank canvases, moments of silent serenity, silly (but fun!) computer games, Youtube videos from my favorite video-makers, having a fridge full of food after going grocery shopping, water, food in general, the roof over my head, my amazing support system, artsy and creative time dedicated to crafting, entertaining xojane articles (& entertaining comments there, haha. Grab some popcorn!), Glades, Netflix, cozy blankets, air conditioning, my phone, my laptop, my home, my loved ones, good books, touching music, growth and development, flowers, cushions and comfy pillows, going makeup free (which by the way I did for about a week, and since then have tried to only wear makeup for special days), feeling good about myself and the world, the Universe, my pretty little altar, cute tubby animals, & many more.

I’d like to end this post with a funny story. A friend of C’s recently bought/adopted a puppy. He is such a cutie! Only about 3 months old, this old English Bulldog’s name is Dexter! *cue the awwwwwing* He not only looks super adorable and playful, but he definitely is. Apparently he looks to chew and bite the ends of skirts and dresses if he can reach them. Sooo guess who had a cute-but-destructive baby pup hanging off the end of her skirt? Yep, this girl. Twas slobbery. I can’t decide if I am supposed to laugh or be afraid haha. It’s a little scary having a dog’s teeth so close to your bottom, you know! Sometime I’ll upload some pictures of the cutie patootie for you guys. You’ll immediately fall in love with him, I promise 🙂

What are you grateful for today? And do you have any funny events that occurred recently?