Second round of Dares & Tears Tuesday ;D

Happy tuesday, lovelies! How is your week starting off? Sending ya’ll good vibes and positive thoughts. So, last D & T Tuesday the challenge was to go on little adventures and find new things to do or enjoy. Here’s an update on how that went for me; feel free to use the same style format to let me know how your adventures went in the comments!

What I did: I didn’t do anything dramatically different, but I decided to create a Pinterest account to hoard awesome images and words, went to the earlier-discussed bonfire with slightly stubby legs (which is different for me), and also made sure to go with my creative impulses and craft my heart out. In last night’s case, this meant creating tons of colorful and gorgeous paper hearts to write on later! I even listened to music I hadn’t heard yet on Youtube and chose songs I normally wouldn’t listen to.

How it felt to do them: Nice. Nothing special, but it was much better than simply being bored! The only one that was uncomfortable was the stubbly legs one- I wore a dress and I don’t like the feeling of prickly hairs, haha.

Any inspiration to do something new? A little. I think I might branch out more musically and develop my taste better. I also want to make cupcakes or some sort of baked treat this week!

Not bad (: Now, onto this week’s Dares & Tears Tuesday. Today’s challenge is…

*drum roll*

*still drumming*

*Yep time for a bongo interlude*

*almost done*


To write yourself a love song! Yes, you heard correctly- I want you to really think and meditate on yourself and write down a little song, ode, or poem dedicated to yourself. Why? Because you’re a stellar person who deserves a song to be written about them, duhh. It doesn’t have to be long or extravagant, just pour your heart into it. Really focus on what you’re saying. And keep it 100% positive! Remain honest; if you’re still struggling a lot on the journey to self-love, don’t feel stressed because you can’t make extreme statements of self-adoration. Write the best, positive statements about yourself that you can. If you have trouble, try talking to a trusted loved one and ask them what qualities/traits/quirks/features they admire most of you.

This is going to be an interesting (read: weird) challenge but I know you mega babes can do it!

Come on, I dare you.