Inspiring/Self-love Room Decor!

Happy Sunday, friends! I hope Spring is treating you well wherever you are (and for those entering Fall, I hope you’re staying cozy). Around here the weather is awfully gloomy, but oh well. I’ve been rather busy with work and school- Midterms, wahh ;-;- so this post may be a bit short.

Part of loving yourself is remembering to surround yourself with positivity and motivation. Since unless I’m on break or have a day off of work I don’t have much time, a very simply way to do this is to create a safe and loving place where you can feel good and get shit done. For me, that place is my bedroom. Here are a few easy and cheap ideas to help you adorn your space and surround yourself with cheer and kindness:

Re-framing Your Thoughts

I’ve made this particular decor a few times now. I love it- it truly livens up my room and also sends me a positive message! All you’ll need is a picture frame or two, glue/glue dots, a print out of one of your favorite motivational quotes, and any other decorations you might like. I bought my two frames from a local thrift store (Goodwill) so in total I probably spent four or five dollars. I threw out the stock photos that came with them and removed the backing of the frames. Then, I surfed the web for a pretty quote that resonated with me and my goals (one of my favorite places to find one is ) and printed it out. I simply cut the printout to fit the frame, glued it onto the backing, decorated the frame as I saw fit, and fastened the clasps. Boom! You’ve now got a gorgeous decor that emanates some hella good vibes.

Beautiful Banner

This simple project is something I’ve been seeing all over Pinterest and Youtube. All you’ll need are several pieces of colored paper/cardstock, scissors, a hole puncher, some ribbon or string, a sharpie/marker, and whatever decorations you see fit. Here is an easy-to-follow tutorial:

Personally, I made one that says “SPREAD THE LOVE” on various shades of pink cardstock. I even used some gold ink and tiny hearts to make it look even more cute. It’s a really easy DIY that not only makes you feel good but also makes your wall look incredible.

Let me know in the comments if you guys would be interested in more self-love-inspired room decor and I’ll be sure to cook some up. 🙂 If you try these out, I hope they turn out amazingly.

Much love & good vibes,

Violet XO

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