Progress Update

Hello, sparkly loves. How is the season where you live? Have you been getting snow? Around here it snowed in November but it looks like a green Christmas. But, hey- as long as our loved ones are with us it doesn’t really matter, right?

Today is Day 3 of meditating once a day. I’ve implemented it into my morning routine; first I stretch and drink some water- and let’s face it, I’ll probably be checking out my phone for a good hour or so-, then I do some yoga (I suggest the Do You Yoga channel on Youtube, especially the ones with Erin Motz) and pick a short guided meditation video. I’ve noticed it makes me a little bit more relaxed and ready for the day. I feel energized and satisfied- though to be fair, I might just feel satisfied from actually doing something healthy for myself, ha. Regardless, so far it’s adding positively to my life.

How are y’all doing on the challenge? Have you started it, and if so, what is your routine? How has it affected you?

I know this is a super quick post, but it’s holiday time for my family so I shall be spending time with them. Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it, and a happy winter and holidays to you all. ♥

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