Meditation Challenge!

Good evening, lovelies of the Interwebs. I hope you’re having a blessed weekend and enjoying some well-deserved relaxation!

Today started out as an awfully average (read: boring) day. I did some productive things, but I think at least 70% of my day has been spent in total sloth- and not eve the satisfying, restful kind. I felt (and still sort of feel) a bit unchallenged, lifeless, and dull. Neither screwing around on the Internet, nor adding some colorful pages to my RSL, seemed to help feed me some of the energy I yearned for. Obviously I gained enough energy and motivation to click to my blog and post here, but what changed my mind?

What gave me the energy I needed to begin taking on the challenge that my life presented to me tonight?


Yep, I’m serious. It’s something many happy people seem to have in common; they are not only thoughtful, but they practice daily moments dedicated to being mindful and thoughtful (which is usually in the form of meditation for the sake of ease and efficiency). I decided it was time to spend a few moments listening to guided meditations and even though my back hurt (ugh, proper posture sucks) I soon slipped into a more natural and refreshing breathing pattern. It became easier to envision what the speakers suggested and I found myself with a slightly higher amount of energy- what some would claim is a higher vibrational frequency. I don’t know if I wholeheartedly believe in that, but I’m open and willing to the idea. Regardless, all it took was ten minutes and a couple Gabrielle Bernstein videos.

In one of her videos she explained the importance of really committing and adhering to one’s spiritual practice. This made me think- what if part of the reason I feel so lost is because I haven’t grounded myself yet? Perhaps it’s because I haven’t been tethered to a fulfilling belief in practice. I’m not even sure if what I just wrote makes sense, but it’s food for thought. Well, food for my thoughts, at least.

I challenge you darlings to a week-long meditation binge. I want you to pick a chunk of time (15-30 minutes) and dedicate it solely to being mindful and doing a meditation of three. We live busy lives but it’s about time we sacrifice a small percentage of them in order to gain spiritual balance and inner-peace. Don’t worry, I’ll be doing the challenge myself right along with you.

Bright blessings and much love,

Violet XO

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