Holiday Gift Ideas (Handmade & Meaningful!)

Happy Sunday, friends. Even though Monday is close by, let’s try to make every bit of our weekend happy and relaxing. Especially with the holiday season rapidly approaching, we need all the de-stressing we can get! I know it can be difficult to give loved ones gifts to match their awesome selves because we lack time and money. As a relatively-broke college student myself, I was stuck on what to do this year. Here are some of my ideas (except for the idea I did for you, Mom. I know you read my blog. Nice try, but you’re going to have to waiting until Christmas) for great presents that cost little and that you can really put your heart into:

1. Hand-Decorated Mug: Something I did for quite a few of my relatives was make pretty mugs for them. I got a cardboard box (I believe from Goodwill) and then bought a pack of oil-based sharpies. They MUST be oil-based, so make sure you get the right ones! Then I washed and dried the mugs, decorated them each with various patterns, quotes, and drawings, and baked them in a 425 degree F oven for 15-20 minutes. After they’ve baked and cooled off the decorations should stay on even when you wash them!

2. Motivational Poster: My niece mentioned how badly she wanted a poster like the ones I have up in my room (handmade) so I decided to make her one. It might be something a younger kid might enjoy having up on their wall. I grabbed a decently-sized piece of watercolor paper and decorated it with paints, pen ink, rhinestones, and an inspirational quote. It’s something you can do to unleash your creativity and help build up a child’s self-esteem.


What are your favorite handmade gifts? What are you doing this break?


2 thoughts on “Holiday Gift Ideas (Handmade & Meaningful!)

  1. I like making my own Christmas cards for co-workers and family. A lot of them are chunky, as they often incorporate mixed media, so as long as I don’t have to mail them out, they’re good to go. I’ve also made monogrammed stationery for co-workers, and family birthday cards, stuffed into addressed envelopes in calendar order, for my gram to give out to every family member throughout the year. What else can you give a 100+ year old?? She has everything else! LOL

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