Interesting things!

Hey y’all! How are my lovely internet people doing? How’s your week? Anything special going on? Let me know in the comments- I’d love to hear from you, whether it’s feedback on my ramblings or just how your day has been. On this beautiful autumn morning, I’m just going to be sharing a few of my favorite things recently. Consider it like a monthly favorites type post, similar to what Youtubers put up sometimes. I hope you enjoy some of these links/shtuff as much as I do!

Favorite new-ish blogger~ Madeira Darling. I found her after her first article at XoJane and was immediately hooked! Her writing is phenomenal, her style incorporates sass, humor, and wit, and she’s just so incredibly and unabashedly weird. I love it. If you’re looking for a blogger who is ridiculously interesting and enlightening, check her out:

Favorite Tea~ Yes, I am making this a fucking category. It needs to be here, okay?! I’ve been using the hell out of my Tazo Peach Green Tea. My only complaint is that occasionally I get a tea bag that is particularly bitter and that sort of bums me out. But besides that, It’s a lovely early-morning-type tea!

Favorite Nail Color~ None. Nada. Zip. That’s right, I’ve been letting my nails go bare; scaaandaalouuuus. Haha, but really, I’ve just not been feeling colored nail polish recently. Clear base coat/nail strengthener is where it’s at.

Favorite Cute Shit~ No explanation necessary.

& Basically any video on the CutiesNFuzzies channel.

Songs I can’t help but dance to~ “Title”- Meghan Trainor l “Close Your Eyes”- Meghan Trainor l “Dear Future Husband”- Meghan Trainor l “Stay High”- Tove Lo l “Empty”- Story So Far l


One thought on “Interesting things!

  1. I love this season! It’s like a New Year is starting, so I just created an adventure journal! Yep, instead of resolutions I’m writing in all the crazy, wonderful NEW experiences I will be brave and courageous enough to try. It may be a haunted corn maze walk or a class in pottery. Don’t know yet, but I’m not letting the moss grow on this stone. Starting NOW!! My faves this month are still a cool glass of iced tea, water coloring, and spending time with my kids/grandkids. (Yeah, I’m that old). Happy Fall, y’all!

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