Another Pep Talk From Violet

Dear Reader,

I made this special note just for you. Yes, you! View it as an ode to your marvelousness and a reminder that no matter how hard your current battles are, or how long you’ve been fighting, it is all worth it in the end. Adversity has the power to contribute to a person’s greatness. Let your problems add to your principle and remember your obstacles are not brick walls- they are just challenges. Do not be afraid to fail and keep that head held high. You were made for victory. You are destined to achieve your goals and dreams; you are fated for a happen ending that is so worth all the hard work you have and will put into it. Learn all that you can, and count your blessing before bedtime.

I don’t just hope that you will gain what you need most, I know that you will gain what you need most.

Keep fighting the good fight.

♥, Violet


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