Self-care, aww yisss.

Happy Sunday, babes. Woo for me finding the will and energy to write a little! *woooo’s loudly* This shall be a short post, just wanted to share a few things that are in my self-care toolkit. It’s been tough to be me for some reason lately- like, NO reason- so I’ve been focusing on myself and my well being hardcore.

Violet The Radiant’s Self-Care List~

1. Books. Lots and lots of books. I may have a reading problem. I checked out nineteen (I REPEAT NINETEEN) books from my local library a few days ago.

2. Pay extra attention to my fishies and making sure they have enough food and that their space is clean.

3. Music that gives me good vibes. Will post an updated feel-good playlist sometime in the future.

4. Art therapy. Learned this one in Alexian and it’s never failed me. Creativity is good for the soul!

5. Computer games because hell yeaah.

6. Taking some time to think of others and/or help them out. A friend was feeling suicidal but a pep talk and some OITNB distractions worked beautifully. I’m glad I could help her get a good night’s sleep!

7. Kittens. I have yet to cuddle them so far :c

8. Pampering myself; this means body butter, bubble bath, warm shower, nail polish, face mask, scrubs, etc. It feels good to be me right meow.

What are some things on your list?


2 thoughts on “Self-care, aww yisss.

  1. a tall glass of iced tea, a clean piece of cold-pressed heavy weight water color paper, time to craft, time to read, and Oreos today. Glad you are being YOU and pampering yourself.

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