Gotta let it happen.

Hello, darlings! How are you? Have you been enjoying this deliciously strange summer? I hope all is well with you all. If you’re having a rough week already, remember that there is someone (& I’m sure more than just me!) wishing you well and rooting for you. You are loved, even if it’s by a sort-of-weirdo and unknown blogger! ♥ ♥ ♥
I’m back from my small Hiatus loves and, well, I’m pretty fucking positive! I don’t know if it’s the restful sleep I achieved last night, my willingness to go on more adventurous-type things, or the amazing music- regardless, I’m happy to be happy. I feel forever grateful.
Here’s what’s happened in the days i haven’t been blogging; I promise I’ve been super busy and not just neglecting ya’ll:
Thursday my beautiful Mermie took off work to help me out with birthday party preparations. It was nice spending a little time with her (as always).
Friday I turned nineteen! 🙂 *throws sparkly confetti and toasts with champagne* I tend to treat birthdays as very celebrations these days. It amazes me that not too long ago- three years- I woke up on my birthday and hated my life. I hated me. I was in so much fucking pain and was very much suicidal. I cannot describe the extent of my sorrows- that’s partially why I took comfort in self-harm, it was a way of expressing the pain that had no words to describe it. But now, right now, I am content. I am happy and feeling like a warrior and I have defeated the demons; or at least I have this morning. That’s a good enough victory for me. So I partied like no other champion: I got all gussied-up, met up with my sleepy bestie M in the late morning to catch up- she was out of state for ten days, man- and exchange birthday gifts. I missed her loads so it was lovely seeing her. Even her kitten Lucy quite enjoyed the assorted ribbons and wrapping paper spread out on her bed, haha. Then I cuddled with J and played a little with the cat and his two little dogs. We ended up grabbing Steak and Shake (the Birthday Caked Milkshake is freaking life-changing, by the way) and hung out with the lovely adoptable cats at the local Petsmart. Then we bought some fries and headed home to watch Archer on Netflix. My parents were as awesome as usual and gave me hugs and my favorite sandwhich from Panera. It was a blessed day.
Saturday was the birthday bbq my mom had planned. C was with me the whole day being her stellar self and there was food and family/family friends galore. J and M visited later in the evening and I made some super yummy Independence Day themed cupcakes that i shall forever be super proud of.
Lastly, yesterday I tried something new and drove up to Bristol, WI with a classmate for the Ren Faire! It was incredible; even better than I had dreamed it would be. It was truly magical and something I’ll have to do again next year for sure.
Which brings us to today~ chilling in my room, enjoying my self-love date (Gala Darling is totes a genius). Nope, I didn’t forget about my last D & T challenge, sillies. 😉

What does your self-love date look like?

Mine includes healthy food and a scoop of birthday cake ice cream as a treat, majorly uplifting songs from Paramore’s latest album (of course), comfy pajamas, staying indoors, and reading fiction books.

PS: I found the best, most positive quote on Pinterest today. “In the midst of winter I found there was within me an invincible summer.”


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