Friday thoughts + a little pep talk.

Hooray, it’s Friday!! It’s officially the weekend. Wishing ya’ll an exciting Friday (or a relaxing one if that’s what you’re going for) with happy moments galore. Be easy on yourself today- you’ve worked through a hard week and you deserve a little celebration! Think for a second… what is one kind thing you can say to yourself? What is one kind thing you can do for yourself? Ponder on that a bit, and then go out and make it happen. I’ll even share mine as an example (and to remind you guys that I’m indeed taking my own advice): One kind thing I can say to myself is “Go get ’em, babe. Today is your day and it turns out how you’ve made it to be. Make it a great one! I know you can do it.” One kind thing I can do for myself is to paint my nails a sparkly, glittery color that will make me smile every time I look down at my hands. What are yours?

Today will be a busy day. I am thinking of accompanying my Mermie to the local mall (LUSH face masks & bath bombs! Can I get a what what?) and later on will be hanging out with C and her sister before the bonfire. I’ve decided to attend- even though I won’t stay super late- because there are a few awesome people there and social events are probably important for a functioning human. Plus, puppies! Somewhere between that madness I want to get my Violet on and do some creating, along with pampering myself, exercising, reading, and making sure I’m staying hydrated and eating enough. ‘Tis a lot on my plate, yes, but I can do anything I set my heart on. I encourage you to feel the same way about yourself. After all, you’re a damn magical creature with the essence of beauty and life within you. TL;DR: you are an irreplaceable, awesome person, ‘kay?

Tomorrow I shall make another post (Woah Violet, you’re actually posting every day?) about birthdays and such. I promise it’ll make you smile.♥

Much love & laughter sent your way.

2 thoughts on “Friday thoughts + a little pep talk.

  1. Wow, you’re a busy woman! My day will be relaxing, thank you. I’m telling myself “yes, you can take a break from spinning today. I’m planning to do for myself a little waterpainting and crafting-my two fave passions!! Have a great weekend!

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