Self-Care Days (AKA: ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.)

Today is one of those days. One of those days where you feel extra miserable for no apparent reason and it feels like everything is awful and out of control. Because of my mental illness, these days- which most people get sometimes- are especially hard for me to deal with. I’ve learned that a trigger for me is feeling as though I have no control over things. It sucks knowing you feel shitty and you have no real reason why. ‘Tis why Self-Care Days are suuuper important for me. As much as it can be annoying (or feel counter-productive) to take a day off from normal life, it truly is the best, healthiest way to cope with days like today. It will be good for both you and your future projects- if you are rested and revitalized, you best believe you will achieve a lot more later on!

Here’s a small example of a Self-Care Day looks like for me:

Eating comfort food (even if it’s junk and not nutritious). Lounging around for hours straight. Pretty much until I turn into a potato. Watching Greys Anatomy and Ghost Whisperer. I can’t help but love that show, my only complaint is Wife Swap not being on. I also try to reach out to my friends and remind myself of the awesome support group I have. It helps to chat with loved ones and think about someone other than yourself. Drink tooons of water; dehydration makes you even more crabby, you know! Playing silly online games with no shame. Doing something super artsy and creative. Spending time with loved ones. Making sure to pamper and take care of yourself: brush your teeth, slap on some chapstick, lotion up, and wash your face. Take a bath or shower if you’d like. Lastly, running with the “getting out of your own head” thing and focusing your remaining energy on doing something kind and loving for someone else.

After all, part of self-love is reaching out to others and spreading some of that good stuff around. ♥

What does your self-care involve? What makes you feel better when you feel down in the dumps?

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