Dares & Tears Tuesdays!

Good afternoon, magnificent people of the Interwebs! Considering it’s a gloriously gloomy, cool day- June, you are hella weird this year but I appreciate your breezes!- I figured it was an awesome opportunity to begin a weekly thing for Scars & Sparkles. Tuesdays here in the Blogiverse shall now be dubbed Dares & Tears (like the action of tearing/ripping something) Tuesdays! Wooooo! *celebratory confetti and a kitten with a party hat*

Dares & Tears Tuesdays will be a day of each week dedicated to healthy and inspiring challenges, along with a follow-up on the previous week’s dare. I totally welcome any discussion concerning the challenges; how they went, if you made your own adjustments, what was hardest/easiest for you to do. I would also appreciate any suggestions for future dares. You guys are smart babes with sharp minds, your input is always appreciated. 🙂 And of course, I’ll be doing these challenges along with ya’ll! I find it to be way easier to start up healthy habits or drop bad ones if I have a supportive friend or family member doing them along with me. You might be surprised by the amount of motivation that can result from a little friendly encouragement.

This very first Dares & Tears Tuesday is about adventure. No, not a crazy road trip or a magical journey through a Tolkien-esque land- I’m talking about the little adventures in life. Even something as small as learning how to take care of a plant or wandering into a craft store to find the perfect coral acrylic paint can become adventures if your heart and mind are in the right place. Even if you end up completely loathing what you tried to do, the important thing is that you were a badass and tried something you’ve never done before; you’ve gone on a trip to self-discovery and found something you didn’t like. Hey, now you’ll never have to wonder if you would be happier if you took a cooking class! Knowledge is power and fearlessness is doing tons of new things (that don’t have to be huge or directly life-changing) so that you won’t be afraid of what your life would be like drowned in small regrets.

I triple dog dare you to go on as many tiny adventures as you possibly can- at least, until next Tuesday! Delve into the world truly aware and go out on a journey to find yourself another hobby or try something you’ve thought about doing but never actually started. Keep track of what you do and how it feels, and we can share our experiences next week. I promise I’ll keep you posted 😉

Talk with you later, darlings. I’m off to try new things!


2 thoughts on “Dares & Tears Tuesdays!

  1. I love this idea! Okay, so my adventure this week is to get a NEW haircut. Something fresh and summery. I’ll try to make an appt on Friday, my day off. Not exciting? Well, no. But definitely something that will wake me up to a new face every morning! Maybe I’ll add a little color, too. Hmmm…

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