Today is one hell of a day- go live it!

I’m feeling super optimistic today. I’m not exactly sure why I feel so positive, but who am I to disagree? Maybe the universe is giving me a little push in the right direction. Who knows? 🙂

I’ve so far gone almost a week without wearing makeup. I think my skin is thanking me for it. I still have the breakouts that started forever ago, but so far zero new ones. And that’s awesome! I’ve been reading some interesting self-help books- three so far- and a common theme to living happier and healthier is to celebrate every milestone, no matter how tiny or insignificant it seems; because in reality, isn’t it significant? Without the inches we’ve traveled, we would have never gotten as far as we have. Ever centimeter is vital to our happy outcome. Therefore, I am celebrating my skin not developing any new blemishes and to show my face I appreciate it, I’ll pamper it with a homemade face mask and a DIY massage. Am I the only one who takes DIY beauty waaay too much to heart? Whenever I request that my parents buy something from the grocery store, they have a joke where they ask “Are you going to eat it? Or are you going to put it on your face?” Harr hardy har. Whatever- I had darn glorious skin when I did that sort of thing often. I’m not afraid to be silly if it leads to good skin to match my smile! 😉

It still feels weird to compliment myself. Even though I know I am a humble person who doesn’t think of herself as superior to anyone, this healthy behavior is typically depicted by unhealthy characters in the Media. For example, the gorgeous popular girl who appreciates herself but also does really awful things. The positive characters usually feel bad about themselves and their appearance, but they are still accepted as better or healthier. It would be nice if the good character displayed this habit too. As odd as it seems, loving yourself does NOT equal narcissism. We should have a better representation of strong female characters, you know?

However, I seriously implore you to start being kind to yourself. If you can’t yet say a totally nice compliment to your reflection, don’t try to force it and just half-ass it. That won’t help you learn to love the vessel you’ve been given. Instead, if you can’t say “I love my legs”, try something along the lines of “My legs aren’t perfect or super great, but they carry me everywhere I go and they’re definitely not the worst legs in the world”. If you start doing an exercise like this in front of a mirror every day, eventually you’ll discover other body parts that “aren’t so bad” and eventually even “gorgeous”. I know you can do it, all you have to do is try. ♥

Another thing I read along my literary journal is this:

If you never ask, you’ll never receive.

Simple enough, yes? And yet, my lovely tater tots, it’s something all of us don’t always quite take to heart. Our brains understand the sentence and the meaning, but it still doesn’t quite connect in our mind. At some point, we’ve all let our doubts take over- we’ve made excuses and reasons to not do something we want to do. You don’t ask about a raise because you’re able to make a living out of your current salary, change is unpleasant along with confrontation, and your boss could always say no. But guys? The absolute worst that can happen is that he/she will say no. I think that’s a very valid reason to go for it- you won’t be harming yourself or another, and if you never ask for that increase in pay, you will. never. ever. get. it.

There’s nothing that risky about asking for something you desire. If you have a dream, you can totally make it happen. You just have to recognize your excuses are products of your self-doubt and that the only thing holding you back is your negative thinking.

You go girl. Open up that bakery, or start on that novel. We can’t wait for you to succeed.

Much love and happiness being sent your way! Hope this post inspired you as much as it did me.


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