Oh joys of womanhood..

Good afternoon, little sea pancakes! I know they’re called sting rays, but they look like delightful pancakes and this name just suits them a million times better. Sorry I haven’t written in a while- feels like forever!- but I’ve been a total train wreck these past few days. My period hath hit, and it definitely did some damage haha. I PMSed like crazy, ate an average of five KitKats per day, and wanted to cry for no reason 24/7. However, the Moon has released me from most of the insanity and I actually feel Violet-enough to write once more.

I’m lacking a lot of inspiration and will power but I thought this article was super interesting. Very uplifting! Not to mention it made me feel quite a lot better about getting my period.


Wishing you all happiness and love.


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