Feeling like a total babe

This is more of an inquisitive post. What sort of things give you major confidence/make you feel like the fabulous creature (that you totally are)? They don’t have to be products or items, think of actions or behaviors or events that make you feel the most free. What makes you glow with inner-radiance?

I’ll share a little bit of what makes me feel super marvelous~

1. Feeling clean. There’s nothing better than a warm shower and feeling your hair after it’s become clean again (I’m one of those girls that don’t wash it every day, so wash days are glorious to me). I also get that same surge of contentedness after I’ve brushed my teeth, washed my face, and finished the rest of my morning hygiene routine. I’ve come to the conclusion that feeling fresh = feeling fab.

2. Gloomy/cool weather. I love me some rainy weather- I’m thinking of moving to Seattle eventually. Something about that wet smell of water upon grass and ground makes me feel truly at home. When it rains at night I get the most amazing sleep, and when I walk through the rain to get to my classes I feel myself walking taller and carelessly. Am I the only one that feels ridiculously awkward when they walk?

3. Badass lipstick. When I was younger I hated lipstick. I thought it was just a silly product (but let’s be honest, what cosmetic isn’t silly?). But recently I’ve discovered a deep love for them and the way that they can give me that extra ounce of self-esteem. I don’t have to wear anything else on my face, it’s that awesome. I just bought a dark purple/red color for my collection to feed my inner Lorde haha.

What makes you feel like the pretty goddess you are?

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