A little dose of happiness

Consider today’s post a potent potion for feeling a little bit better. It may not cure anything, but it sure as hell will work wonders. So grab a glass of iced tea (I’ve got my favorite, Tazo Peach Green Tea, right next to me!) and settle on the comfiest chair you can find.

I just wanted to tell both myself and you guys: “The storm will pass. Your heart and mind will settle.” (s.k.)

Even without accounting for recovery, life is hard. Anyone else who says otherwise is full of shit. Yes, life is not as challenging as we think it is sometimes, but it is undoubtedly difficult. They say the hardest part of something is always admitting that you aren’t who or where you want to be, and deciding to make a change. That can be a large obstacle to overcome, but I think we can agree that the most challenging part of change is the actual change itself- altering your habits, your words, encouraging/discouraging certain behaviors, etc. Right now I happen to be in the mid-change boat.

So remember, everybody, (including me because I need hella motivation and positivity today) that the journey is hard- it’s full of unseen nooks and crannies and crooks and weird people and strange places and rocks you were so sure weren’t on the path just yesterday. It only makes sense that we’re going to struggle and even- GASP- make some mistakes along the way. Hell, you might just make a lot of mistakes. But you know what?

That is A Okay, bub.

Life is hard, and you’ve survived yours up to today. You can damn sure do it again, and you will see a shining, glorious ending eventually. I promise, it will be so worth the wait. Celebrate your current success. Appreciate the little things. And give yourself a pat on the back or your preferred flavor of frozen yogurt or something (Cake batter, woo!) because YOU DESERVE THIS.

NEWSFLASH- you deserve good things and pleasure in your life.

I am soooo proud of you for making it this far. I believe in you and your wild, crazy dreams. You’re going to do this, I know it, and so does the Universe. I bet it’s chilling, drinking a cosmic CapriSun just waiting for it to all come together. Tonight, let your mind rest a little easier and do something nice for yourself and the ones you love. You deserve a Cheerful Celebration, not a Pity Party.

You go girl 🙂

2 thoughts on “A little dose of happiness

  1. Boy wouldn’t it be great if life were a little bit easier for some of us? Though, the challenges we face also mould us into the people we are so I guess we just have to deal with the difficulties. However, as you indicate, facing them with the right attitude is definitely key.

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