Answers to my little questionnaire ^-^

1. I like my wide hips, booty, thighs, hair, and eyes. I love my singing voice, my compassion, determination, creativity, and big heart.

2. On a scale, I’m about a 4. Not super well or happy, but not as anxious as usual.

3. I am looking forward to visiting the aquarium in Chicago for the first time, possibly getting a quiet job at a local library, and going to Gay Pride for the third time 🙂 I’m also excited for when I can visit a pool or beach and returning to Riot Fest (squeeeee, Rise Against! Pussy Riot! Circa Survive! Weezer! Eeeeeeep!!!). Ooh, and I’m psyched for hopefully volunteering to take care of cute kitties, dying my hair back to a darker purple, possibly taking a road trip with J (?), being published in Torrid Literature again, and adding some more flowers to my cozy garden.

4. My small goal for the day was to be the model in a photoshoot done by my sister-in-law. I’m not used to having people look at me or take pictures of me, you know? It feels awkward to act pretty, if you understand what I mean. According to her, I “rocked it”. Hahaha, I don’t know about that, but I DID go through it and accomplish that goal.

5. My bigger goal for the day was to feel good about myself and be more active- as J suggested. I’m normally sort of a hermit that just chills on the Interwebs and spends the day in silent solitude. He pointed out that it might help me to spend more time outside and doing active things. And I finished this for the most part; I still feel pretty insecure yet I was basking in the sunshine- on a freaking cobblestone path, for goodness’s sake!- and hanging out with my big sis. I think that’s at least a step, right?

I mean, celebrate the little things! You deserve it.

6. I am inspired by Gala Darling, J, my mermie (♥), my Intro to Psych professor, and Katy Perry.

7. And lastly, these are ten things that make me happy: hilarious tumblr posts, glitter, pastel nail polish, dark red/purpleish lipstick, widdle bb animals, baby laughter, warm showers, flowery backyards, macaroons, and good books.


Goodnight ya’ll!

4 thoughts on “Answers to my little questionnaire ^-^

  1. I love the honesty that flows from your soul onto the blog. One person that inspires me is YOU. Ten things that make me happy are: purple nail polish, time to craft, iced tea, a good hair day, spending time with my daughter, hugs, oreo muffins, scented candles, a good read and biking. Thanks for the inspiration!

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